Noticed a floor glitch - Hideout

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Here it is. Near the bridge, one objective before the last stand. Golf.

Also, I noticed that the gunfire sounds (both normal and silenced) of the L85 are not as loud as other weapons' sounds. Feels kinda puffy and not very powerful because of that, imo. Plus, the suppressor and muzzle-brake (haven't tried the flash-hider yet) are rather tiny and slim compared to other guns.

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I'll just use this topic to report two other things. Pretty sure you guys already know about all this, but just in case you don't :

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On the M4, Kobra sights aren't aligned with the iron sights anymore.

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And this is a glitch I've had for a very long time. Since beta 2, I guess. Never mentioned it as I thought it would be fixed very quickly. As you can see, the whole model of cal .50 mounted machine gun is fucked up. Especially the sights.