Insurgency Sandstorm Pre-Order Beta 2 Patch - November 14th, 2018

Hello everyone. Today we are releasing a patch to address some issues and respond to some of the feedback from last week’s major update. We hope everyone enjoys the changes, and we look forward to joining you on the servers!

Stability Fixes

  • Added potential fix for “Kicked from server: host closed the connection” issue that some players are facing related to Steam Authentication.
  • Fixed a potential startup crash.


  • Changed the default scope setting to use a traditional zoomed in scope view which has better performance. Players may still select the realistic “Picture-in-picture” scope option if they prefer.
  • Ragdolls now enter a sleep mode when they’ve become inactive, so they will no longer simulate client-side physics when nothing is happening to them.
  • Reduced appropriate weapon textures from 4k to 2k resolution including M45, L106A1, Tariq, MP7, Uzi and vehicle mines.
  • Optimized texture streaming for some particle textures.

Bug Fixes

  • AI
    • Fixed an issue with bots spawning inside vehicles during Checkpoint that were intended for the human team.
    • Fixed an issue where bots firing semi-automatic or bolt action weapons would not be audible.
  • Characters
    • Fixed an issue where giant characters could occur when using the bipod.
    • Added various fixes for Headgear and hair for some heads.
  • Weapons
    • Fixed an issue with the Uzi and AKS-74U iron sights being misaligned.
    • Fixed an issue where cycling the bolt of a weapon occured before releasing the mouse button. Firing and holding down the fire button should now properly delay the cycling of a bolt-action rifle or pump action of a shotgun.
    • Fixed an issue where when planting mines there was a slight delay after the animation completed before they would be planted.
    • Fixed duplicate compensators and flash hiders on Insurgent pistols in Coop.
  • Server Admin
    • Fixed an issue with Rcon when submitting an incorrect password.

Gameplay Improvements

  • Reduced horizontal recoil for assault and battle rifles by 10%.
  • Slightly sped up normal (non-sprint) Aim Down Sights speed across all weights.
  • Increased drivable vehicle window health slightly to make players inside less vulnerable.
  • Reduced mine planting time from five seconds to 3.4 seconds.

AI Improvements

  • Reduced bot quota from 6/12 to 3/12 to make lower player counts easier.
  • Bots should be less aggressive with grenades, and try to allow targets some time to flee before they explode.
  • Bots should now properly ignore targets with spawn protection.

User Experience Improvements

  • Settings Menu

    • Added mouse smoothing option.
    • Added gamma option.
    • Updated “Scope Setting” options, which are now referred to as “Normal” and “Picture-in-picture”.
  • Server Browser

    • Added ability to click on a column and sort the results.
    • Added the following filter options:
      • Show Full
      • Show Empty
  • HUD

    • Removed the Fire Mode display for weapons that don't use bullets (e.g. grenades, knives, etc.)
  • Round Victory Screen

    • Improved map voting screen so that longer scenario names (such as “Checkpoint Insurgents”) fit the voting buttons.
  • Loadout Menu

    • Implemented stripper clip and scope deny text support. This indicates to the player if there are any conflicting upgrades when hovering over the upgrade.
  • Server Admin

    • Added server admin config option bCounterAttackReinforce to Checkpoint which allows the human team to be reinforced at the start of every counter-attack. This is not on by default and is intended to be an option for custom servers.

Visual Improvements

  • Animations
    • Updated the menu idle animation.
    • Updated rifle, pistol and launcher sprinting character animations.
  • Customize
    • Improved textures for the following Insurgent items:
      • Polo Plain
      • Polo Striped
      • Button Rolled
      • Button Sleeves
      • Button T
  • Ragdolls
    • Reworked head and neck constraints and added linear damping.
    • Improved the speed at which ragdolls will stop simulating physics if they haven’t encountered any large physical forces. This should reduce instances of jittering ragdolls.
  • Weapons
    • Scaled down the suppressor for the AKM, AK-74 and Alpha AK.
    • Updated the scale of all third person flash hiders and compensators.
  • FX
    • Fixed some scaling issues with third person muzzle flashes.

Map Balance & Fixes

  • Refinery

    • Revised Push Insurgents scenario and expanded it to five objectives.
    • Adjusted Push Security B building to make it capturable on both floors.
    • Improved bot navigation at Security Checkpoint B and Insurgent Checkpoint D.
    • Fixed being able to leave the playable area near the Insurgent starting spawn in Skirmish.
    • Fixed an issue where players could get stuck inside a silo near Push Security B.
    • Made various gameplay adjustments to improve level flow and balance.
    • Made various visual improvements.
  • Farmhouse

    • Reworked a wall that affects line of sight into Insurgent B spawn on Push Security.
    • Improved player navigation around fences at Insurgent A spawn on Push Insurgents.
    • Moved Insurgent B spawn further forward on Push Security.
    • Removed window fence at Insurgent B spawn on Push Security.

Known Issues

  • The weapon ready animation when spawning in doesn't finish playing.
  • Magazine will disappear on a weapon in first person view when you switch to an under barrel grenade launcher.
  • Gas Masks don't show on characters who have equipped them.
  • When a player is ejected from a vehicle after being killed, their ragdoll will disappear.
  • Party members cannot communicate through VoIP
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I strongly dislike the scope option "normal" and hope that you guys keep "Picture-in-Picture" because it is the better option.

@zille The normal option is for people who can't handle picture in picture

Being sniped by grenades is annoying, and having to put half a mag into a single window on the technical to break it and be able to kill the occupant is god awful, the technical has a gun in the bed - it doesn't have bullet proof windows nor armour plating so please reduce the hp for the windows, people can spam seat swapping to avoid being shot and there is no exit or enter animation so players and bots aren't vulnerable at all, the technical is incredibly overpowered already.

@zille They said they have two options for it and the normal is just their for lower spec pcs.

Can you fix the enemy grenades and RPG's? Half of deaths are from grenades now.