Controller takes over

Please add a "Disable Controller" button PLEASE!
Cant be that i have to unplug my Controller EVERYTIME wen i like to Play Insurgency Sandstorm.
Because after 2-3 rounds in this game my Controller start slowly to overtake the game till i cant even setup my Loadout becose there only Xbox buttons layouts left.
As faar i know this should be still a PC game right?
Second post about that problem.

Please push this Thread so DEVs can see it.

Yup. I leave my xbox 360 controller unplugged 24/7 because of that. It's annoying. Something as simple as "disable/enable controller" in the menu would be enough to fix it.

Hey there,
Thanks for the feedback, I've passed this on to the devs. 🙂

@Jellyfoosh is anything happening?. It's been almost a year, and the issue still persists!