[Performance] Screenshots of problematic places

Even though the general performance of the game has improved for me since November 8th patch, there are still quite a few place on all maps which are heavily CPU bottlenecked, which means the GPU utilization drops and the framerate drops with it.

I took the liberty of playing the game with a monitoring overlay and was taking screenshots when I saw lower than usual framerate (generally bellow 100 FPS for me) and low GPU utilization (below 80%, though ideally this should be 99-100% all the time).

For reference, here are my specs:

  1. Windows 10 (build 1803, auto updates on)
  2. Core i7 7820X @ 4.5Ghz (8C/16T, mesh/cache at 3Ghz)
  3. GeForce RTX 2080 @ 2020 / 15500 Mhz (drivers 416.81)
  4. 32GB G.Skill Trident Z @ 3600Mhz CL16 (tightened secondary timings)
  5. Crucial MX500 2TB SSD (OS is on Samsung 960 Pro 1TB)

Game settings:
2560x1440 resolution
Very high preset (except High shadows and Low scope quality)
TAA, fullscreen, V-sync is disabled ingame, but set via drivers since I am using a G-Sync monitor.

With this setup I usually get around 120 FPS give or take depending on the location / situation. Still, as I said above, there are areas where the CPU becomes a very significant bottleneck and framerate drops to 80-90 FPS with ~70% GPU utilization which isn't very good at all in terms of optimization. For instance in Battlefield I can play on a large map with 64 players and still push 200+ FPS with this CPU - it's all about the coding.

For comparison here is a total CPU utilization screenshot of Battlefield V beta (top) and current version of Insurgency Sandstorm (bottom):
As much as I don't like Battlefield as a game, I have to say their CPU code is spot on - much better utilization of available resources and better framerates.

Generally, those problematic areas are usually represented by open spaces where the processor gets bogged down by large view distance and too many objects on the screen, I guess. Still, there are some location where this appears even indoors. Hopefully the developers can take a look at it and maybe optimize some of the problematic parts of each map - that would be much appreciated since realistically we're not going to see something like DirectX 12 implementation with its increased amounts of CPU draw calls any time soon, if ever.

Here are the screenshots I took, you can see the monitoring overlay in top left corner - first line is GPU clock and its overall utilization, second line is total CPU load (at 16 threads for me, so 25% would be four fully utilized threads), third line is total RAM used (my Chrome browser alone is ~7GB), and the fourth line is current FPS.

(click to enlarge)

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@sobo Dayamn Bro Lol. It’s a little sad to see 120fps with a rig like that I feel your frustration.

same with rtx 2080 not going higher than 140 but alot of times im on 80/70 lool

@dutchxarms Ya I sit around 100fps steady then when shit hits the fan can drop as low as 60-70 and if I’m alone and staring at a wall not too close but close enough lol I’ll get as high as 140fps this is all with very mixed customized settings mostly low with a couple mediums and post processing on high and A-A set to TAA (If I use anything other than TAA my guy shoots lazer lights from his sun glasses? lol). As for my setup I’m running a i-7 8700k/msi gtx1080/HyperX Furry 16GB/1TB SSD/144htz 1080p monitor set at only 120htz cause I figure why bother lol.