Can you throw grenades back at the enemies? or be a hero and cover the grenade with your body?

I know I'm comparing this game to DOI a lot just like my previous feedback but it would be awesome if players could throw grenades back at enemies or even make a sacrifice and hug the grenade to prevent teammates from getting naded but just you.
It will force people to cook the grenade before throwing. The game will be still balanced in my opinion because not many people will even attempt to throw grenades back at the enemies but the ones brave enough will do it and make the game play much more dynamic and unpredictable. Heroic ones will sacrifice themselves and save multiples. You will be the first FPS game to enable the latter feature(i think).
Just my .02

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@sam_kdr You can already toss grenades back. It works like in Day of Infamy. There's even an achievement for it as well.

or be a hero and cover the grenade with your body?

I was actually talking about this earlier today lmao. I'd imagine you probably couldn't do it since then explosives would be pretty inconsistent, but that's pure speculation.

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Throwing them back would be amazing! As it's a common practice in real life as well.

True it is possible, but you might as well not even try. I've accidentally thrown an unbaked grenade that bounced off a power line (dammit) and landed at my feet. The remaining 4 seconds weren't enough to grab and throw it because it's almost impossible to see and NWI's system for picking up grenades in general is actually pretty bad right now.