Different color Shells shot/slugs/flachette

would be a cool detail to have different colored shells for different shotgun ammo loads. Red for normal shot, green for slugs, blue for flachette. it would also be cool if you could have half half ammo loadouts such as 11 buckshot/ 11 normal, and having different colored shells would help you know what you are loading.

Do not agree on the mix of ammo (seems unbalanced - in Insurgency you have to make choices with your loadout, that's how you keep tension and to some extent, teamplay), but I definitely agree on the colored shells part.

Buckshot : red
Slugs : green
Flechettes : blue

Just as @kingovtrolls said.

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i dig colored shells, different types of ammo is interesting but it doesn't make much sense. I mean with many weapons you can have varieties of ammo. For instance with a 5.56 you can shoot 2.23 now that isnt a perfect analogy but it doesnt seem to be conducive to consider all those things.

Yah, shot shells should be different colors, just like they are in real life.

One of the main advantages of a shotgun in the real world is the ability to quickly swap shot type. It would be rather nice to be able to load slugs for longer range and buckshot for close range. The fire mode button could be used for ammo type, since it's otherwise unused for shotguns. In the end this will probably a victim of game play balance, like switchable magnification scopes.

@maa_bunny back in the alpha you made some great points about gun play and how it works. I think it was you who made several posts about how these guns function IRL. That post was one of the final things that caused me to just now buy an AR... had been thinking about it for sometime, and that added to my stack of reasons. To understand them IRL

@grumf maybe you are right, it works for a game like Vietnam that require a thousand yard stare, but here it would force you to stick to one playstyle

@thenickgann Awesome! Step two: get some training and learn how to really use it 😄

I keep meaning to post some photos in the gun nuts thread in Off Topic ...

@kingovtrolls I posted a few photos of mine 😄