Hey everyone, I've played Insurgency:S for some time, enough for me to gather an understanding of the game and how all the features work and how I think some things may need a slight change before open release. I'll try and take this review as simple as possible but I'll cut right into the meaty stuff.

First of all I really love the simple main menu and the ability to customize your character. It is something very new and I believe a very welcoming turn of events to have the ability to dress your character for both factions as a way to distinguish yourself from your allies. The way the customization works is very simple and straight forward and I have taken into consideration that number of criticism some other players have noted with the new feature. If there was anything that I could change with the cusomtization is: (1) have the ability to view from a 3rd person perspective all of your customization choices before a purchase (ie. as of now the camera zooms in on the selected item but the player does not know how that item may match the headset or the torso in the bigger picture) - its sort of like a preview camera for the entire set and you can either have an option to "buy all" items you have set previewed on the model or not. (2) I would really think a refund system would work with the new customization scheme as sometimes we can make mistakes or we no longer like the have a particular cosmetic item - a refund system does not have to refund the full amount (although desired) but maybe 50% of the total initial cost of the item.

Secondly, I would really like to see the game give the player the chance to customize all class sets on the main menu. For example: If I select 'customize' on the menu and select the 'Insurgents' team, as well as cuztomizing the cosmetic look of my character, I would also like to see the ability to customize my kit and class gear on that menu as well (maybe a drop-down box that opens the loadout menu?). This will allow players to customise their combat gear and loadouts before they have reached a game (I know I for one spend some time deciding on my loadout in-game, which can cause precious seconds to be lost in winning a match). Also, I really enjoy the ability to make presets of loadout and playing-styles, however, as the same consequence of the customization of your character's cosmetics, there is no 'refund' or 'delete' option if you made a mistake in creating a preset. I think this would make the UI less clustered because I have made a number of silly mistakes in allocating presets to which I have had to make another preset below one just to change 1-2 items.

Finally, aside from the criticism and issues highlighted a number of times by other forum posts in terms of small bugs in combat and playing, there really was nothing that stuck out to me as a major deal breaker for anyone starting to play Insurgency in terms of actual gameplay. It felt fresh and new compared to the previous title, whilst also still maintaining that core gameplay of hardcore combat. I love the token system in customizing your loadout, I love the weight system in setting out your gear, I love how teamwork is essential in gaining any ground in this game given its nature. The new look, textures and differentiating settings (even in BETA) already tells me that the developers are very dedicated and serious about this new title and I am very excited to see what is yet to release in December.

With what I have said, I don't think that these extra tasks would be too arduous and overall I believe that these changes will make the game flow a lot smoother in terms of player interaction. I know some of these things may have been mentioned earlier by others forum posts but I'd still like to see some, if not all, of those suggestions implemented by release - I know you can do it! You have our greatest support team!