Error installing 2017 x64 additional runtime 14.13.26020

So Sandstorm ran well until recently, at least a few weeks ago, I started getting crashes randomly. I tried to reinstall, and now I am getting an error installing 2017 x64 additional runtime 14.13.26020 that states: "The feature you are trying to use is on a network resource that is unavailable."

I have no idea how to fix this error; if I cancel the install the game will run but eventually crash to a UE4 crash reporter.

I've tried validating files and reinstalling again to no avail.

This error can come up due to numerous reasons starting by corrupted files, corrupted system files, incompatible or not running system services (installer, etc.), not having system up to date, and so on.

Verify game files in Steam, verify your system files, disable applications running on background and update your system.

I did a system scan using SFC and DISM and found no integrity violations. Windows is up to date as well as AMD drivers. Also checked to make sure Windows installer service is also running which it is. I closed every background task other than Norton and still received the error. Thanks

Have you tried searching the net for the exact error message? I'm getting countless hits, i'm sure there's something in there for you. Other than that, there are still ppl using Norton? 😮

I have with no luck, no the game appears to be stable, even without installing the additional runtime. Now I am getting a glitch where when using any magnified optic the reticle is shifted up and to the left corner of the optic. Point of aim is still at the center of the optic. This makes any magnified optic unusable as I have no way of predicting the point of aim other than just guessing, it's really annoying. This bug only seems to apply to magnified optics, 1x optics work just fine. I have tried reinstalling and searching up this error and still no luck.