please add server messages and admin respawn

Running a custom server and its really important for you to add custom messages of the day

so you can have custom welcome, server rules etc.

also add admin ability to also respawn a dead player in the admin menu, pretty please 🙂

I can see you already have respawn in the admin menu, admin groups would help admin the server so you can have basic, that can use change map, kick and ban, and advanced that can use everything else.

How did you get your admin panel to even work? Mine does not show up on key press...

@tickk Just figured it out about 3 hours ago...

Take your admins file ( we will assume Admins.txt) and put it in this directory "Insurgency/Config/Server/Admins.txt"

The directory does not exist though, so you will have to create it. After I did that, everything is perfect. Not sure why the server code didn't ship this way.