Were are all the players?

Seems the playerbase is dropping allot already

Well, despite all the efforts put together by the devs, there are just a few maps, ping is relatively high depending on where you are based, and this beta is quite long (better that than a “too early” release though).

Player base will certainly increase again at official release.

I do really feel like there is a lack of things to do. I truly hope this will not strangle the game to death once it is actually released. Granted, there will be more maps, but still.

More firearms, a few more attachments, more gamemodes and most importantly more maps are required. Additionally, getting humvees for instance to be the vehicle for security would be nice.

The overal mechanics of the game are pretty solid, so I feel pretty safe when saying this game will ''succeed'', depending on how you define the term.

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I think this game has so much potential , but i also feel there is low support..
Why do they unrank the dedicated servers?
Why is there no higher support or a official bugreport channel?
Time to step things up with the community pls
Why is there nogood rcon program? Battlemetrics wants to support this games rcon code, but they say its unworkable!

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