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You can also use the autosave feature. It saves your project every few minutes or so. Keep it in mind in case it crashes and you did not save for a while.


It's looking great for being your first time with blender.

Keep it up.

@deathcoreboy1 saving wasnt the problem, I couldnt open the file and when I tryed to append objects from the file, the file was completely empty, but it looks like I closed my blender too fast after saving so it got lost.

@deathcoreboy1 sorry I didn't read properly, that's what I did but then manually with taking the 1 away from the .blend1 file

@wrangmog No problem. Here's a tip. The .blend1 and the Autosave files are different. The autosave file are stores in AppData folder and it also keeps a few versions back of your project. The .blend1 apparently is kind of a temp file blender uses before writing on your file when you clic save. I have found out that sometimes, the .blend1 is missing or outdated and have been able to recover a newer version of my file from the AutoSave. Just something to keep in mind.

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@deathcoreboy1 I noticed that everytime I hit save, the .blend1 gets saved top (by looking at the date it gets created) but still, thanks!

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@wrangmog looks really good man, i definitly gotta look someday to rebuild mine

.blend1 is a backup made automatically by blender, you can also set a timer for auto backups in the users preference menu, (ctrl+alt+u) i've set mine to 5 mins and also made blender automatically restore my last open file on boot, wich has saved me countless times in the past

@Forces thanks, will look at it when I have time.

So for those of you who are still on the forum and wondering what happend to the unimog project, well, here she is fully modeled. After a lot of trial and error and help from @Forces I got it straight up, facing forward and not right handdrive in the editor. It is almost ready for texturing. Have a nice/safe day guys.


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