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Hi guys, I created this topic to show people what I'm working on. I will post screenshots and updates in this topic. I won't upload all the little thinks I do, but the big things will be posted here.

I hope people like it.

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I'm sure we will! Welcome to the modding community mate. Looking forward to your projects.

Right now I'm working on new axles for my jeep project and this is how they look like:


Those are based on unimog u1300 axles, I think they look awesome but I would like to hear what you guys think of it. (I'm not finished yet with this rear axle in the picture)

I think they look awesome too, man!

Blimey how long did that take? I can only of doing something that complex.

@Digital-X It took me 2 days for the rear axle and its not finished yet, when I'm done with the rear axle I'm starting with the front axle, which will be more difficult because of all the steering parts.

Meant to type "can only imagine"*

Been doing this long?

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@Digital-X what's long, I started 2 or 3 years ago with my first 3d model, a mercedes AMG 6x6 (not for a game). after a year of just modelling I decided to just try making mods when I have spare time left. I started with a really basic mod, after that I tried and tried to make a more complex model but it just didn't work so I made an ultra4, and now I'm working on my biggest project, my own jeep wrangler. I started modelling this mod in july 2017 and by doing a little bit more every now and then I got to the point I'm now (I moddeled everything by my self for this jeep).

really good job on that portol axel man,not been many if any in spintires before,keep up the good work

@wrangmog Nice modeling man I made a U1300 a while ago never released it, i might finish it one day lol

I got the front axle done and in place after a lot of work. Had to change the spring setup for this axle because it didn't fit with the new axle.
(you can't see it, but it has 2 traction bars on each side on the front axle)

here is the final result:
0_1517073955274_front axle.png

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How many polys is that, man? Looks sick!

@Mexican_420 I believe it was around 4 to 5 thousand polygons, I'm not sure

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here are some pictures of the new axles in game, the steering isn't done yet, it still has to be animated.

2_1517107606112_20180128034447_1.jpg 1_1517107606112_20180128034421_1.jpg 0_1517107606111_20180128034200_1.jpg

Hi guys, here the latest update on the jeep.
I changed and updated the steering wheel and also added an animation to it so it turns.

let me know what you guys think of it.

Looks really good, similar to one I have in real life bar the Jeep logo. DId getting the hand position take long?

@Digital-X what do you mean with the last part of your question??

The hand position on the wheel, sorry. I see on some trucks it is out of proportion to the wheel.

@Digital-X I had the first steering wheel to small, this one is bigger so it fits to the radius of the hands because you can't change the radius of the hands.