Walking speed too fast

Walking speed is too fast. (seems faster than the orignial ins in my opinion)
It makes it harder to peak tight corners or rooms.
I wish you guys could make it(walking speed) slower so we can clear rooms
more easily.

@pac By "walking" do you mean moving while not aimed, or holding the alt(?) key? If you're talking about the latter, I would suggest crouching instead of walking when clearing rooms.

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Hit alt, it'll make you walk.

@cyoce I'm talking about both. And yes I crouch and walk at the same time when clearing rooms. But i was hoping to go more simple. walking + crouch makes the whole thing a little bit more complex..? But yeah.. I would just want to walk and care less about my posture and stuff..

I disagree here , for me walking speeds ( aimed and unaimed ) are perfect !
If you want to be slower when clearing rooms then just apply the tactics "slice the pie" and additionaly lean at corners !
There is no reason to rush inside and clear super fast. Take your time.


Youtube Video

and here you see a very interesting slice-the-pie tactics which is really awsome, LMAO 😃
Youtube Video

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@pac Crouching isn't slow enough for you? You are aware that slow peeking doorways can get you killed due to geometry, right?

@gsg_9_lightning Thanks a lot for the vids and instruction. I'll try it out. And lol yeah I'll never rush into a room filled with hostiles.

@cyoce Well maybe not too slow. I was talking about just a little bit slower than the current speed.