Myself and a friend have been playing the latest beta version to date (11/11/18) in a party using the steam invite system. We've noticed that only the party leader can hear and talk to other players in the in-game voice chat. This applies to both proximity and Radio.

Repro Steps

  1. Invite a steam friend to your party from the main menu.
  2. Join any co-op or Versus mode.
  3. have your teammate use the proximity chat near you and then try the radio / proximity chat.

What we expected
We can hear one another through in-game chat

What we found
not only were the party members silent, but also any other players in the game for all members except for the party leader.

nb: we have found no workaround for this, we've attempted

  • re-installing the game
  • deleting the appData associated with the game.
  • checking windows permissions regarding VoIP
  • setting target application audio device to different sources.