When looking around and not aiming down the sights I have a weird issue with inconsistent mouse sensitivity. For example if I start moving my mouse left the view starts to turn normally but after a few degrees of rotation it slows down for a little bit and then continues normally. If I stop and continue moving my mouse left it doesn't slow down again. But if I move the mouse right, I hit that slowdown again and then continue normally in the same direction. It happens every time I change direction with the mouse from left to right or vice versa. I haven't tested if this happens when moving the mouse up and down.

It's like my mouse is in a small box and every time I hit one side I have to drag the box by the border for a bit before it starts following the mouse again. I can move the mouse freely within that box but as soon as I hit a border I have to drag it with force for a little bit.

I am using look sensitivity of 0.15 at 1600 DPI, if it matters.

Anyone else have the same problem?