update made local play impossible for me

I play only coop and my internet has been crap so I haven't been able to go online much. I love the fact that I can play a game like this offline by myself, there seriously is not enough of those kinds of games anymore.

Before the update I was able to win something like one out of every seven matches. The A.I. then was still very frustrating most of the time as I'm constantly and instantly headshotted after the A.I. rounds a corner. Having only four friendlies that all die eighty percent of the time each round means that I am always on my own facing massive odds against aimbots. The biggest fear I ever had was having to defend an objective because if I died at all during the defense then there wasn't even enough time to make it back to the objective before I lost the entire match. Even so, there isn't another game like this out there so I keep trying. I just love the gunplay; the way the guns look and feel is something that I crave for in a game.

Unfortunately, after the most recent update the A.I. has become much more aggressive and recoil has been increased at the same time. It's now impossible for me to win a match on local play. The recoil doesn't hurt as much, but now I'm facing overwhelming odds as I'm constantly rushed by at least five different enemies from five different directions. I know my friendlies use the same more aggressive A.I. now and it shows, but we are so outnumbered that it doesn't make any difference at all. As it is now, I have only made it to the last objective once and lost immediately, and in the ten matches before that if I had to defend an objective, even the first one, it was a 95% guaranteed game over.

I wish local play had some optional difficulties like giving me the choice to turn off the timer, disabling objective defense, setting how many lives I get at the start and from each objective, and allowing my friendlies to respawn on their own instead of having to wait until I die.

Maybe it's too late for me to ask, but is the game going to have local play for the foreseeable future, or am I going to be SOL?