things sandstorm needs (IN MY OPINION)

I have around 100 hours now in sandstorm and there are few things(ok a lot of things) that i feel like make this game not like insurgency anymore. sandstorm to me is like csgo, a good game, but isn't the same and will never be better than the original(which is 1.6). sandstorm falls under the same thing, good game, but will never have that same vibe from the original. there are a few things that nwi(who i hope actually read the forms and take feedback) should change in sandstorm.

  1. the ads thing shouldn't be linked to weight, just make it slower overall but not too slow. in the 2014 game, when going into ads, the gun goes under your view a little bit before you can see through the sight. just do that nwi, that makes things better overall(in my opinion)

  2. make it so leaning and shooting feel more like the 2014 game. when you lean and shoot now, you can do it almost instantly where in the original game, you had a 0.1 second of a delay. it wasn't noticeable and was probably a feature from source but still, it made it feel less like a run and gun game.

  3. GIVE ME ALL THE OTHER GUN OPTIONS FROM THE 2014 GAME AND THE ATTACHMENTS. when i play gunner, i should be able to use the fal ak or even sks with limited scope choices. add the heavy barrel back. also, nwi should look on the insurgency(2014) steam workshop and should take some of those gun replacement model mods and turn them into guns in sandstorm( just add a sv-98 and awm already already)


  5. more recoil in every way. increase horiz and vert recoil( by at least 70%).

  6. weapon sway should be more. right now in sandstorm, standing up will have some weapon sway, crouching has very little, and prone has none. be shot or suppressed and it will only increase by a noticeable amount but not to the point of effecting you(prone still eliminated all of it).this shouldn't be a thing since the 2014 game made it so weapon sway would always fuck with you(adding to the realism and that your character was a wimp). increase weapon sway for all stances by at least 75% and make it so prone will also have sway. standing against a wall should lower the sway but not all of it( right now, walls do nothing in sandstorm). and when you get shot at, your weapon should be moving all over the place when ads and going prone or going against a wall will only lower it some but you will still have to deal with sway yourself.

  7. increase bullet damage. bolt action snipers should be one shot kill anywhere but the legs hands and feet(like csgo's awp)

  8. MORE VOICELINES(my opinion)

  9. show the restricted areas on the map

  10. make the maps smaller. right now, an enemy can be anywhere. in the 2014 game(take siege for example) on defending, you always knew they were going to charge across the street and when your attacking, you always knew someone was going to be at the market areas. make it so that theres less angles to check.

  11. make enemies easier to spot and have different silhouettes for the security and insurgents. right now, they have basically the same silhouette and the only difference is what they are wearing. make it easier to spot enemies, they aren't wearing ghillie suits so it shouldn't be hard to spot a security or insurgence prone in the corner. even indoors its kind of hard to spot the insurgents for me SINCE EVERYONE IS WEARING WHITE AND GREY SHIRTS AND SOME OF THE WALLS HAD TO BE GREY AND WHITE


@burntflames Horizontal recoil right now is RNG. So I'd be all for an increase in horizontal recoil only if that came with the removal of RNG

@burntflames I have hundreds of hours in Insurgency Source and I’m not quite sure what your talking about after the last big patch I feel the recoil is way worse now then it was in Source.. I thought the recoil was good in Source now I thinks it’s a touch overkill in Sandstorm my opinion but either way 75% or what ever you said is ludicrous.. I used to be able to hold the trigger down on the AKM in Source and manage the recoil relatively well Sandsotrm not so much..

Good post. I agree with you on some of this and disagree on some... You have some good points.

Definitely need more scopes & sights.

I really like the idea of smaller maps. However I also like the bigger maps. So I having a mix of both would be awesome. I think smaller maps for competitive one life game modes is a good idea, and maybe the bigger maps for the respawn game modes. Some more competitive game modes to go along with the smaller maps would be good too. Maybe a bomb plant mode, hostage rescue ect...

Now a couple things I disagree with..

I disagree on the recoil. I like the current recoil. An M4 or ak74 really doesn't have all that much recoil. An experienced shooter can control them pretty easily to keep them on target IRL. Even an akm isn't that bad. I feel like they did a pretty good job on that. It's not nonexistent recoil like cod or anything.

I disagree with you on the damage also. One shot kills anywhere on the body is too much. Kind of dumb getting shot in the foot and dying. Of course headshots should be one shot one kill but other parts of the body should not be, unless it's your head or heart. And heart would only matter if you are not wearing armor. Even then.. several shots might not drop someone. IRL there are a lot of times where people get shot multiple times and continue moving or fighting for a good while before they eventually fall out. When you have that adrenaline going a lot of times you don't even realize you are injured. Just like hunting.. If you shoot a deer, and don't place your shots, alot of times it will just run off, and you will have to track it.. Same deal.. I like the current damage system. What would be cool though is if they added some kind of bleed effect where say if you got shot a bunch of times in non vital areas, instead of just instant dying you could take a few steps & still sort of fight back for a few seconds until you pass out & die from losing too much blood. Maybe make it things get blurry, and movement progressively get slower.

I think that's about it. I agree with most everything else you said in your post. Good post.

sorry i wrote this before i played the patch when recoil was just vertical with little horizontal.
the game right now just feels way too run and gun like

most of this is opinion all you need to know is that i feel like needs changing. read the rest of my useless shit if you want:
flashbangs need to be more deadly
don't show ammo when switching weapons or picking up one
less fire support
more weapon and accessory for all classes and sides
more close quarters maps where sniping isn't useless but you don't have to check every rooftop
make movement feel less arcady and make it so you can't shoot instantly when leaning out or when going into ads

my stupid opinions:
movement is instant and isn't like source where acceleration was a thing(its a thing with all source games even with insurgency)basically, make it feel more clunky like real life(like pubg where if you turn instantly to one side, your character keeps moving in the direction you were just in for a split second)
to me the game doesn't feel like a direct sucessor to the 2014 game but like a slight side grade to the 2014 insurgency(think of it like csgo to 1.6)
also there is way too much choice for fire support( right now, you have 2 hele, 4 smokes, 4 barrages, and a few more. the point is there is way too much, the security should only have 1 hele and 1 explosive artillary with 2 smokes and the insurgents should only have 2 rockets and 2 smokes with 1 extra
the maps are also big(not in actual terms but like in ranges where snipers are usefull and angles you can peak from) we need a close quarters map like verticallity
personal opinion: don't make the game only 2 rounds. make it where first team to 3 wins the game(feels more fun)
also, more voice lines(yea its not important but more diffrent types of screams from your character would be nice, and radio voicelines too, what happened to the squad leader only voices)
more weapon attachments that do more things(like the ap rounds or idk something)
make it so at the end of every round, both teams get 1 extra point to spend on
more gun choice: a gunner should be able to use more than just an lmg
make the classes limited more(meaning you can't have 3 of the exact same class execpt for riflemen)
allow more attachments and other stuff for diffrent classes and sides(security should be able to use the acog or kobra and the advisor isn't the only one with flashbangs)
flashbangs should be more deadly since right now, they don't even fully blind you if its just behind some rocks
make it so when you switch weapons or picking up one, it doesn't show the ammo left inside
make bullets do more damage