Which other game modes will Co-op play get?

Right now, just 1 month before official release, it's still only 1 game mode: Checkpoint (and 3 maps)

Since the official release is so close has there been any news about how many and which game modes will be available to co-op play? I've heard about NWI not wanting to split up the playerbase but just 1 game mode won't cut it, especially when the previous Insurgency had several more ... this is relevant to me and many other players who prefer playing co-op.

Yup. Agreed.

I would like to see Hunt added, at the very least. Although I hate Outpost in Ins2, I think that with maps this big (Sandstorm) this particular mode could be very entertaining and fun.

if I had to choose, I'd take those three modes as a minimum. Checkpoint, Hunt and Outpost.

I'm disappointed to be honest. I was expecting the same level of co-op content as the previous game. While I do enjoy playing PvP, co-op has always been my favourite part of this series. After playing through a portion of the Alpha and all of the beta I'll most likely be refunding before the release. Not because I don't like the game, I really enjoy it! it's just that there isn't enough content to keep me interested.

I'd really like to know what NWI have to say about future co-op and pvp content.

Yup. If coop is bound to stay that simple, it will turn bland and stale in the long run. It's already starting to become a routine, actually, even though I'll admit the lack of different maps doesn't help.

I forgot to mention Survival. I spent so many hours enjoying that mode in Ins2... In fact, appart from Outpost, I really loved all coop game modes. I just believe that Outpost might be fun in larger maps. Would possibly avoid the swarm of AIs in closed and tiny spaces with little to no cover as in Ins2. It should instead be called "Stronghold" and the cache to protect would sit in a building with many windows. Insurgents would come from every direction. Now that would be something.

The only one that is redundant is Conquer. When you're alone in the server you just can't win, and it's kind of the same as Checkpoint anyway.
I'd like every single coop game mode from Insurgency 2 to make a comeback in Sandstorm, with the exception of Conquer. I'd be a very happy player if coop had that kind of variety in gameplay.

I find it a bit worrying that nothing new regarding this subject (Co-op game modes) has been communicated thusfar, it's just one month before the official game will be released!

Previous Insurgency has FIVE game modes (Checkpoint, Conquer, Survival, Outpost, Hunt) which I all liked and played for in total over 1000+ hours so it would be a major disappointment if Sandstorm would have only one or two different co-op game modes. These different modes added variety which made me come back all the time ...

@Grumf Funny how you don't like Conquest ... I loved that mode the most because it is less restricted (not having to go from A to B to C etc. in order like Checkpoint) so yeah, I hope NWI will bring Conquest and at least one or two more of these classic game modes back into the game! If I had to choose I would leave out Survival and Hunt 🙂

Hopefully we get to hear some new official info from NWI about this soon.

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@valerian Well, there were two more Coop modes planned, and I'd assume they'll come shortly post-release if NWI thinks it fits the theme of the game. Outpost was one, and the other was this new one called Operation which we never really knew anything about.

I'd love to see some older modes return, but by far my favorite was Survival.

@valerian Hey, don't ditch Hunt, that's one of my favourites, lol.

@MarksmanMax Now that you mention it, I do remember devs talking about those modes. I forgot about it until now. Thanks for the reminder. Can't wait to see what we'll get !