Unresponsive menu!

I was playing the game now and when a new match was to begin I was in the menu where I can choose my class but the menu became completely unresponsive. The mouse cursor was moving on the screen but with no response to click anywhere! The only solution was to kill the game in windows task manager.
I think I could maybe have pressed some key during game loading but Im not sure.

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One of my teammates also had this same thing just happen

I had the same issue now!
I cant click anything! The only solution was kill the game in task manager.

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This happened to me a few times and a teammate as well.

Happened to me last game, though I found a way around it without killing the game in task manager.

(1) On the first menu where you choose class, if it's unresponsive, you have to alt tab out then go back in, then don't use your mouse, use the arrow keys to scroll through the selections and press enter to select.

(2) This takes you to the loadout screen. You have to alt+tab out again, then repeat with the arrow keys to scroll and enter to select.

If during any part of this process you click with your mouse accidentally, it freezes again and you need to alt+tab again for it to let you scroll with the arrow keys again.

Uber annoying, but at least you don't have to leave the match and restart the game!

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Happened to me multiple times during the few hours.