Page Pooling backwards?

So, i have an 8gb graphics card, yet when i put page pooling on seems i get better frames. How is this possible? Wouldnt telling my card to use everything it's got be the best option? It doesnt seem to matter which other settings i have tweaked as well. I can have everything on very high, or have everything on low and super sampling on 2x. I consistently seem to just get less stutters when my pooling is on low. I dont get it.

Note, i've disabled completely the windows page file. Is this affecting what i'm talking about? Figured i didnt need it with a samsung 960 pro and 32gb of ram.

correct me if I'm wrong isn't page pooling hard drive based? it would mean that your GPU was pulling from the drive that the game is on rather than your GPU memory thus making it wait longer till it can render new textures. IDK