• When spectating a player with the M24, reload animation loops infintely
  • Grenades are kinda buggy... Sometimes holding mouse 1 takes a few seconds to actually pull the pin, and then sometimes when the pin does get pulled and you press mouse 2 to prime it, it switches to an underarm throw which is irritating
  • There needs to be some sort of way to see where the restricted zone is on the map, and to see where it's going to move to.
  • Town on Firefight has a small section of available area that is classified as out of bounds (it's the town zone that has the tiny C building and the market thing as B )
  • TAA is super blurry (but SMAA looks good so I'm not bothered)
  • Guns are often invisible when spectating
  • Dropped guns sometimes rotate in such a way they look half stuck in the ground
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