What Have You Done

The graphics have gone to shit, they glitch all the time, weapons appear then disappear, weapons on the ground bounce all over the place, scoping is slow, in general you have gone backwards. The revised graphics engine has done you no favours at all, very poor.

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Do you have decreased performance too?

Yes, a bit of lag but not to bad. The look is very cartoony now, not as good as before the update.

No, not just you. They have also stuffed up the scoring now, you do not progress like before.

@enodab said in What Have You Done:

Yes, a bit of lag but not to bad. The look is very cartoony now, not as good as before the update.

anti aliasing is non exsistant the whole map aliases when i aim down sight if i mess with game settings and use taa the game is just a total bluury mess

supersampling setting is well...... lets forget that 0,5 makes the game look like minecraft any above that still doesnt fix it

frame drops are even worse now and for some reason my audio changes from crisp gun sounds to muffled like your under a mild constant suppression effect. if i fire a complete mag the you can hear the audio change from muffled to near crisp sound then back again. this isnt an effect it as it happens everytime with single shots too

is it me or what? it doesnt seem to be utilising the 144htz monitor visually. if im missing something here let me know

the only thing that fixed this for me before this update was the engine ini community fix by adding


now this doesnt work at all

i7 7700k
32gb corsair platinum ram

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Well I must say, what an improvement with the latest patch, the game is playable again, well done. I know, it is not perfect, but ha, it is BETA. So credit where credit is due, big thumbs up for the fast response guys. 😄

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Since this uptade my screen is green sparkling ("scintille / clignotte en vert" in french). I can not play anymore 😞
Steam integrity checked : no problem

For me overall performance has gotten significantly better, the game is far more playable.

But like you I'm also seeing a whole lot more weird visual bugs. First person weapons dissappear or flash on and off, especially when spectating. I shot the hell out of corpse ony first game, because his dropped weapon was moving around so much I thought he was still alive.