Chatbox un-selected on activation (i.e. can't type without manual selection)

Small quality of life bug that was introduced with the last patch:

When attempting to type in a message using all-chat or team-chat, the text box is now de-selected by default, preventing you from typing any message until you manually mouse over and select the chatbox.

Repro steps:

  1. Enter typing mode by hitting the all chat key (I have mine bound to Y)
  2. Observe that you can still move using WASD, but cannot turn using the mouse
  3. Observe that typing doesn't add any characters to the chat box
  4. Observe that the UI mouse has now appeared on the screen and can be controlled by the mouse
  5. Move the mouse cursor over to the chat box and click to be able to type
  6. Type out a message and hit enter to submit the typed message

I wouldn't call this game breaking but this has actually gotten me killed a few times or prevented me from typing a warning to my teammates, which got them killed. This behavior was definitely not in the last patch (maybe it was something introduced with 4.20 engine update?)

I can confirm this too.

May be it´s time to buy a headset with a microphone to tell your teammates what threat there is.
Not everyone is reading chat all the time - typing is kind of "out" for threat warnings.
We live in 2018 😉 not in year 2000

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As an older school gamer, I enjoy hiding in a corner and typing out the first chapter of Moby Dick. Reminds me of my Counter Strike days (it's a great way of learning how to type fast!)

Alternatively, there are some times in which I can't make a lot of noise so my preferred method of communicating with the team is by spamming intimidate or typing