Made my first model!

As much as I struggle with any form of modding, let alone making the blasted things, I stuck it out and tried my best.

I made a small wooden ledge for testing. It is not yet UV Unwrapped so not 100% perfect but I am happy with the result!

Along the edges is a bit funky as it does not follow the pattern as I'd like.
alt text

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Cheers! I made a railing but the poles are a tad thick. I know we have fences, but railings could be good too.

well we all have to start somewhere right? not bad for a first start imo. will be interesting to see how far you go with it. good luck and have fun.

Once you see how the process is it's pretty easy. Still time consuming but fun.

Did you get to try the model out for collision and stuff yet?

I haven't yet. I will be doing that next.

Some tubes now, I need to make them slightly thinner also but the main idea is there.

alt text

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Are you making tunnels to go through or like water drains for obstacles?

Here are some storm drains I threw together for a map and ended up not using them.


Lost all my models when I tried copying the folders to my map.. nevermind! I have made another tube. Issue with the Editor but all is fine now.

Obstacles to climb over, was what I was going for with the above. These simply, for the vehicle to drive over, as they will be buried. The tube I have now can be driven now easily, or used as a river exit tube.

Storm drain! That's the word.

Doing currently:

This will be a wooden ramp, with "sticky out bits of wood" angled, different sizes etc for the vehicle to clamber up.
alt text

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Oh dang.

Download GoodSync.
That program is a life saver for creating models and putting them in the game and editor.

Just set it up so your Editor Media folder updates your MudRunner Media folder and everytime you save something it just copies it over for you instantly.

Making offroad park themes obstacles?

It's a shame I know but they only took minutes to make.

Yeah that's the theme I'm going for. I was watching off road videos last night and got inspired. Hopefully this ramp can work how I would like.

The cone I had looked a bit off so I am scrapping that idea.

Let me know if you need any help on the modeling or texturing. Can't wait to see what you come up with.

Will do, the only part I do struggle with, if and when I need it, is having two different textures on the same single object if that makes sense?

Main part = concrete texture
End parts = wood texture for example

Can do. I can try to explain it. You will deal with multi-sub objects. You select the faces you want a certain texture and assign it a smoothing group. You keep doing that for each different texture.
When I get on my home laptop I can pull up 3DS and take some screenshots.

Brilliant thanks again.

I need to learn what the squares in 3DS Max mean, assuming a square is 1sq meter?

Also need to keep it small as the texture is being stretched otherwise.
And another one.. the little bits will be extended, angled etc to provide more of a challenge.

alt text

Bit more done now:

alt text

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Cobble wall in progress, first time using this push/pull tool!

alt text

Textured and in the Editor:

alt text

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