Immediate feedback on November 8th patch.

Overall, a substantial step in the right direction.

Increased penetration on rifles functionally seems to be statistically the same as running a long barrel before. TTK is still a little high and the SCAR is still bugged as it's shooting high recoil 9mm rounds, but overall the guns are hitting a little less like airsoft guns and they feel much better to shoot. Glad to see the long barrel gone in general as it was mandatory on some weapons and worthless on others, effectively removing the possibility of running a G3, FAL or M14 with a suppressor in any competitive way.

Lag is gone for seemingly everybody. Huzzah.

Loading bolt rifles or shotguns causes anybody spectating to see an endless loading animation.

Drawing a pistol causes anybody spectating to see nothing on-screen. Suspect linked to the above point as it seems to occur with it.

The compensator model looks ridiculous. Compensators direct gases back at the shooter to dampen recoil. They are not used on small arms as it exacerbates the deafening effect of your firearm on you and those in your immediate vicinity. (Hence why you won't see an M16 in the middle east with one on.) I see where it's coming from statistically, but I speak for a few people when I say we will build our equipment around not having to look at it because it's ugly and out of place.

Somewhat disappointed the balaclavas were not moved from Insurgents to Security. The teatowel is the most recognisable feature when aquiring targets and a one-hole would look beautiful under a helmet.

In third person, some people's forearms are jet #000000 black. Guessing this is a bug related to the tattoos. Bit of a shame to see development time squandered on tattoos so the children can look 'edgy' but at least it's not pink gun camo to go with the awful Rainbow Six inspired compensators.

New UI icons for mags/boxes/drums. I see where you're going with it, but I strongly hope they're placeholder assets.

Weight / ADS time has destroyed all of my prior OP builds. This is not a complaint, it's an excellent mechanic.

New AI is absolutely fucking spectacular and by far the best part of this patch. RPG attacks on bunched up players are awesome and we've missed them. Dumping explosives on objectives to force defenders to move around and/or fan out off the objective is awesome.

Smoke launchers being widely available is awesome.

FAL and G3 costing the same is silly, bump the FAL a point higher as it's functionally the same weapon with the benefit of a bolt release.

Bolt rifle + greased bolt is the same price as an M14. Greased bolt needs to be 1 point and bolt rifles need to be free to incentivise their use. Please also consider adding a 10 point MP5K as a secondary available for the marksman. Would encourage less campy play and purchasing a cheaper primary weapon making bolt rifles a bit more attractive. Regardless, the Mosin should not be the same price as the M14. They are not equal.

The ammo box on refinery checkpoint on B or C, I forget which (upstairs one), is suicidal to use. Please put it inside the objective room.

Demo with heavy carrier + RPG still is a rocket short and has to refill on the box after spawning.

Please for the love of god add "M203 Ammunition" as a purchasable explosive for the demo player. I don't want a C4, AT4, some M203 rounds and be ridiculously heavy. I just want another couple of M203's. If not, perhaps add a carrier exclusive to Demo which increases M203 ammo but prevents additional explosive slots being equipped.

Intensely disappointed we still cannot flip our Flip-to-Side magnifiers to the side. That said, the new black blur around them makes them largely redundant regardless...

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TBH ADS is terrible, it's too slow.


It's purely my opinion, but I think they nailed it.

A half-weight build with a rifle, handgun, light armour, light carrier and a frag, the ADS is perfectly usable. Not quick enough to sprint around the map like a caffeinated 12 year old shredding heads any longer, but certainly workable for a paced gunfight.

A full-weight build with a M249, heavy armour and heavy carrier relegates you to deploying strategically and providing area denial and suppression. Certainly not a choice CQB setup. Seems realistic and creates a specific purpose for the class which it excels at.

Ultralight build with a small weapon and a t-shirt, you ADS quite fast.

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Had my first go at the new map.
A lot of work gone into something that was just a bluuur!!
It's like; Get Set! Go!!!! And they're off!!
A bloody race to the finish. Just cap, cap cap and get as many cap points as you can as fast as you can.
How do you address this? Add four times as many bots? Perhaps tasks that certain roles must complete to finish the objective? For such a large map I have to say, way to few opponents.
It's such a shame with such a wide space to utilize it is still so linear. Nobody is exploring the map or using different paths. Just funnel through to the point as direct as possible.
I love the maps, sounds and graphic quality. Awesome sounds. Its easy to appreciate the amount of work that must have been put into creating this.
However, after rushing through this, I was just left wanting for a better in game experience.