Appreciation Thread.

Hey everyone! The new update is finally out! Our personal and individual opinions notwithstanding, I'd like for all of us to take a moment and appreciate the devs for their amazing work. In the rancor of demanding improvements and giving criticisms, we can often forget that the devs are people, with feelings, hopes, aspirations, and goals.

So, on behalf of everyone, here's a little thank you note for making such an amazing game. This is going to be a fun ride!


Aplha AK FTW!

Well said Rover !

Thank you NWI devs !

Thank you very much, both! I'll pass this along to the teams 🙂

@rover Currently filled with negativity but this gave me a little more faith in humanity (and NWI lol).

I suspect that there's gonna be a patch in the very-near-future that's gonna undo some of the gameplay changes.

Did you remove the micro transactions yet?

@boocheus as of yet there are no microtransactions in the game. LOL. And I'm hoping that there won't be either. But this is a positive thread. Let's keep it that way shall we? You can start a criticism thread if you like.

@rover Shove your "positivity" up your gun barrel. its been confirmed by the devs on here plenty of times. The currency will be very hard to earn "tryhard no life 17 year olds not withstanding" and will be purchasable with your ill earned dolla dolla.

Gotta prey on them whales and easily scammed kids right nwi?

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@iyagovos Can you please give @Boocheus his own personal build loaded with microtransactions?

@boocheus that was very rude and uncalled for. You're completely free to not purchase or refund the game. I'm as appalled by any microtransactions as the next person, but it isn't fair for you to take that tone with me. I urge you to refrain from it. Also, as of yet, there are NO MICROTRANSACTIONS in the game, so why are you so angry? When they're added, we can all raise hell. But before then we can only urge that the devs do no such thing, in a courteous manner perhaps?

Also, after the recent update, the currency requirement has dropped 33% and basically anyone who plays the game can pretty much afford any cosmetic item with a little effort. There is no longer any point in purchasing anything unless you're fond of throwing away your money. You might have noticed that if you were actually playing the game and not busy picking fights with strangers online.

Please note that the next time you take a tone like that with me, I will not be so polite. I suggest you make a thread and raise your issue on it. Do we understand each other?

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Yup ! Thank you very much for all your work ! I'm pretty confident Insurgency Sandstorm will become my favourite FPS game in the future, just like Insurgency 2 was.

New AA options are such a relief !


Dev's, you're doing an amazing job, and i love what you're producing.
your biggest fan

I want to thank New World Interactive for bringing us this game , it is one of the best FPS games out there ,but there are a few things that makes me come here and post this stuff that I'm not happy about .

1 . A new recoil , is not good , before the patch it was perfectly balanced , now 7.62 weapons wont be used as much because it is impossible to hit anything even with a short bursts ,and to be able effectively using these weapons people will create "recoil macros " , to help themselves , which is not a good thing at all , maybe you guys will reconsider this decision .
2. Support , is it active ,functioning . Created a ticket 3 days ago , still no answer ....
3. Footsteps sound , it sounds too linear not very realistic .
4. Reloading speed , is it possible to make a characters reload faster , it is a war zone after all not a backyard practice shootings .
5.Scope shadows are way way too big ,it takes up to 50% of the view
Those are small thing I know (except for the recoil part it is a big thing ,huge thing ) , but they take the game from good to great .
I do love this game , and I want it to be the greatest FPS out there .

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I love looking at all the trolls defending a souless corporation. keep telling me how salty I am. Least i have some damn principles you bunch of 17 year olds

@rover said in Appreciation Thread.:

Also, after the recent update, the currency requirement has dropped 33%

Yeah and before that it was increased by more than 200%. So stick it.

Love the game, sure needs more polish, but i'm enjoying it especially when looking into a modded future with loads of more fun to come. Just need to get around to upgrade my rig...


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@boocheus It's okay to criticise the games, but please do so without attacking other players. Telling them to "stick it" isn't appropriate here.

@Boocheus This game company is one of the least 'scummiest' in the recent years when it comes to prioritizing investors over customers... How is NWI 'soulless'? Constant sales on previous titles, they go as cheap as $2, INS:S being a ~$30 game instead of a full priced ~$60, 20% discount on INS:S for owning the previous installment and for pre-ordering, constant game patches and updates, undergoing a 'proper' BETA instead of doing what fallout 76 did which was releasing a 'beta' as a marketing booster.

@jarple @Boocheus This game company is one of the least 'scummiest'

My dad only beats me on sundays. Horray!

Thank you NWI for your prolonged effort!

Although I have some gripes with the new patch (especially with the demoman class and GL launchers in general) but wieght dependent ADS speed along with quality of life improvements have been well appreciated, as many of us (myself included) were long awaiting for. 🙂
The performance for me at least has gone up quite nicely as well. (Still in lowest setting though)

I am keen to test other features that came with the update, but unfortunately, I find harder and harder to find time in recent month.
Would there be major overhaul-like updates (like changing ADS speed depending on weight in this recent update, different classes getting smoke launcher etc)? Or will there only be added features (e.g. conquer update of INS2) but no major changes to core gameplay once the game come out? I'd at least want to give my feed back on the balance of classes/factions now that the performance has gotten better, but I feel like I'll might be missing the launch window of this game. 😞

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@Boocheus Can't answer my question? Can't provide any constructive pieces of text that are in support of your statement or a counter argument to my statement? Why is that?