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Aus servers, Where are they? Correct me if i'm wrong but today after the update i'm assuming NWI have closed all there official servers? Because when ever i try standard matchmaking with my region set to AUS I getting put onto SEAS servers and end up getting 220ping. Im also assuming that this one from SEAS is not an official server but a community hosted. All this aside i'm now frustrated because the only way i can get into a AUS match now is to go search matches to find one. Sadly what do i see... Only 1 AUS SERVER! That works and isn't locked by a password. And if u haven't figured out already theirs alot more than 8 people that 1 sever can hold trying to play the game today and as such the server is always full! Gimmi your feedback if u know anything i dont about why there ain't any official servers now... Frustrated to say the least.

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According to the steam server browser there are a few NWI official servers in Sydney. Same as before


I can guess there are not enough people queuing for an Australian server at the same time, so instead of creating one for us it puts us in a foreign NWI official server that's already active.

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BigD and PGL both have push servers running. PGL also has a pub firefight server running. Jexla is running a server too. BigD is the only one populated at the time of me writing this.

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