Request: more local play options

I'm enjoying my morning coffee right now, but I can't begin to enjoy the game because apparently EU/RU area there aren't enough players at this time of the morning to get me into a match 🙂

I would love to play around with bots though! But the local play options are very limited at the moment.

Would it be possible to get more options for local play at some point? These basic options would be great:

  • Play any gamemode with bots
  • Adjust number of bots (for both teams)
  • Adjust bot difficulty/skill

yes .. iwas excited to play hoping for more maps and modes...but we have less...pretty sad about i wont play till release i suppose

@iggor003 They're probably have their reasons to include and exclude maps in the beta phase. They most likely want to get more test runs on certain maps.

@jensiii said in Request: more local play options:

@iggor003 They're probably have their reasons to include and exclude maps in the beta phase. They most likely want to get more test runs on certain maps.

Precinct was planned for this update as well, but there were some major issues or something so they're taking a bit more time to iron those out.

My Suggestion =

 Local Play Options
  • Select Game Modes ( Checkpoint / Push / Skirmish / Firefight etc. )
  • Number of Human Player Slots ( Max = 8 )
  • Number of Bots ( Max = 32 )
  • Difficulty of Bots
  • Select Restricted Weapons / Attachments
  • Select Restricted Items / Fire Support
  • Fire Support Cool down Time
  • Drivable Vehicles ( On / Off )
  • Time Limit / Score Limit
  • Number of Rounds
  • Objective Order ( Linear / Random )
  • Total Number of Objectives
  • Objective Capture Time
  • Respawn Wave Time / Number of Waves / Number of Lives
  • Friendly Fire ( On / Off )
  • Team Kill Punishment ( On / Off )
  • Health ( 50% / 100% / 200% )
  • Body Armor ( Off / 50% / 100% )
  • Health Regeneration ( On / Off )

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@jensiii I wholeheartedly concur good sir. Need more local play options!

At this point, I'm not enjoying Sandstorm as much as I did Insurgency, even though I've spent 103 hours on it and only 29 hours on Insurgency. But those 29 hours were pure, unadulterated joy. Sandstorm can feel like a chore at times. It's mostly because the local play options are lacking. I'm not a multiplayer dude, I just don't play much multiplayer, and the local play doesn't feel as rewarding as it did earlier. It's too limited: not enough modes, too few bots on my team, no scalable AI and whatnot. The end result is that I've gone from playing daily to only a few times a week. I really hope they focus more on the local play side of things soon.

Well... I just played push game mode with bots in local play and it was really entertaining 😃

The new admin menu allows you to change map to any game mode, so I tried changing map to a push version. And it worked. And it spawned bots on both teams, hell yeah!! 12v12 with bots is possible with the new admin menu. I don't know if it's intentional, but I'm so glad I found out about it! Please don't remove it 😛

So playing any game mode with bots is possible already.

I must say that the bots in Sandstorm show a lot of promise! Even while there are some bugs (weird illogical behaviour or getting stuck sometimes) and sure, a lot of improvements can be made to certain bot features, the bots already do some things very well (like use the MG truck in push!). Sandstorm bots are way ahead of the old INS2 bots already. Good job AI guy at NWI! 🙂

I am going to fool around with local play a lot now and I will be gathering some AI bot feedback at the same time, that I will post later in a bigger separate post.

Now I'm able to enjoy the game again while having my morning coffee! 🙂 🙂 🙂

@jensiii you're killing me guy. tell me how to do it or else... 😠 :smiling_face_with_open_mouth_cold_sweat: Please. 😢

@rover this is how you do it:

  1. Make sure you have a key bind for the admin menu. Go to Settings --> Binds --> scroll down to "User interface/HUD" and check the "Toggle admin menu" keybind.

  2. Start a local game with any map.

  3. When you are in game press the key admin menu key and the admin menu opens up.

  4. Click "Level". Choose any of the three maps (Oilfield, Farmhouse, Hideout) and it will open up a list of all the types of levels for that map.

  5. Select a push gamemode map and the map will reload and you will first spawn by yourself, but if you wait a few seconds the game will reset and bots spawn with you 🙂

You can then use the admin menu "developer" -page to change AI difficulty if you want.

I hope this helps you!

@jensiii you sir, are a good man. I shall name a kitten in your honor.

@jensiii ik have this option..dont need to bind key just press num- but i dont have all these options that this nick guy recends he has..changing game modes and some of the other things he debug mode is pretty limited

@iggor003 I think he was saying he doesn't have them either but he was suggesting those options to be added


"My Suggestion"

I want the developers to add these features.