Collision axles possible?

Any veteran modders or there help explain how I might get my axle cdts to actually function as collision objects I'm trying to convert an older mod of mine to a new collision axle style setup it's all ik setup I have a real good understanding of the parenting and stuff but no matter how I have set this up in blender or the xml I cannot get the cdt to spawn in the right spot or follow the axle bone. Any insight would be appreciated would love for rocks to stop me while rock crawling to increase difficulty! Cheers!

the actual collision with no damage is made on the xml (impactType="Folliage")
and use Bone_Cdt (Dzen pluggin is the best to do it) not empty--> cdt (Blender common .X exporter) that will fix your issue and remove the <Axle> tag because the parent frame on the wheels will be your new axles and suspensionmin or max must be set to 0.01 because your travel will be the prismatic travel in the Body thats parent of the axle_cdt (Look at V12 or Bregels mods for spintires and @Tattoo crawler on mud runner) and thats as much i can think about the cdts not being on the right place

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the actual collision with no damage is made on the xml (impactType="Folliage")

Is this applicable to "regular" skinned (non-IK) axles as well?

you need to make the Cdt setup
Ik is for dampers and springs animation
Ik syncs better with actual cdt rather than a bone as Frame to be attached
making a cdt based suspension is quite easy once you get used to making them but it can be frustrating in the first attempts because how suspension works OG on this game and this has nothing to do with that way of coding
Cdt based suspension you control the stifness and travel on one <Body> <Constraint> <Motor/> </Constraint></Body> tag but the body roll is controlled on the child body of that body wich makes one be related to the other

@forces ahhhhhh! Bingo! Now that makes total sense! I knew it was something dumb..... so remove the axle tag completely and use a parent in the wheel template at the top and the constraint controls the suspension min max? Like old school animated steering setup....

@forces ok so this worked but problem being it only seems to take one constraint for each body so only having a prismatic constraint doesn't work it only moves up and down if it was only my cdt doing this it would be fine but using a bone cdt everything is following that bone up and down there's no x axis hinge and adding a nested duplicate body with a different constraint causes a serious explosion lol I'll keep playing tho and dial it in any more info is appreciated I'm so close! I think parenting things differently may help may need separate bones for all the skinned pieces so only the cdt acts that way the wheels and axles links will keep tight like a reg ik setup..... here's hoping!

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the X axis rotation is made by the axle_Cdt and the up and down by the prismatic (easiest setup because radius arms setups need 3Ik for Each coil and spring + the angle of the rotation of the axle when going up and down kills the driving on curves ) you used my ram 2500 so you saw it first hand

@forces so i got this working with a hybrid setup all I was missing was the stupid parent frame call in the wheel template (face Palm) but I ended up adding an extra set of bones I'll add you tho.