FPS (Frames per second) non-existant

When i first got the game and booted it up it ran just fine, frame drops every now and then, but still definitely playable and above 30 fps. Now (and before the Nov 8th update) i get literally less than a frame, using the new frame counter in the options menu, I'm getting less than .9 of a frame per second. I'm running a gtx 1050 ti and an Intel core i5-7500 processor. maybe its my rig, but if the game was running fine and then all of a sudden its not and i haven't changed my hardware, I don't see why it should or would start lagging the way it has. (to re-iterate I lost frames to this degree before the swap to unreal 4.20 and it still has not gotten any better)
Anyone able to maybe tell me why this has happened?

A 1050ti seems a bit weak for the game... I dunno. What graphical options are you using ?

Speaking of performance, I'm happy to see that my stuttering issues have almost vanished with today's patch.
Thanks to TAA, I can now run the game in 3200x1800 instead of 2160p without aliasing, so that helps, too. Image quality doesn't suffer that much.

@grumf I mean, I've been using a 1050 Ti since the CTA without that many issues. It's a good card.

Hi @ all.........
My Rig I7 4790 Stock with 1060 with 3gb 😞 combined with 16gb ram game and WIn 10 on SSD. all drivers a updated and i mean all.........
Gpu with and without OC i cant play smooth FPS shaggy around 60-90 LOW all LOW stuttering all over and the worst what makes me wuit the game is when i go ADS i lose all Fps when enemy is near 30-35 FPS i mean i cant aim not to talk about to win a gun fight