for consideration

there have been some Awesome new visuals (materials, plants, etc). being used in some of the new maps and previews of maps. Would it be possible to offer these enhancements as a 'private dlc' ? I now know what goes into Creating a great map, and the extras that make it standout. the fact that the creators offer these maps to the community at no cost or obligation is beyond generous! And instead of others 'stealing' peoples hard work , there would be access to these extras with the blessing of the creators.. just an idea and sad to say - Someone would probably fuck it up though.

Spun and a few others have rock models and stuff out for download. I haven't released any of my rocks or extras. But we just make them in a 3d modeling program, texture them, and put them in our maps.

@rufus oh of course someone will mess it up, someone always does. just have to look at the majority of the 3rd party mod sites to see that. in fact with a bit of searching you can find a lot of things already that has been uploaded that should not have been. it is a good idea i will agree, but since imo there is little of what people call common respect and common courtesy these days i feel you are correct.

still though i like the idea and it would be helpful and generous to the map makers as well as the community to enjoy when playing these maps.