Onframemove: eaccessviolation: access violation at address 0146157f in module mudrunner4gbpatched.exe

Who know how yo Fix this problem with some mods

I dont know why with some mods i can play un multiplayer but other mods crash and send this message

Onframemove: eaccessviolation: access violation at address 0146157f un module mudrunner4gbpatched.exe

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@alejandro-fernandez You are using MudrunnerMod or normal 4gb patch i suppose?

The onframemove funtion is trying to read or write at the pointed adress and fail to get value or write either because something has screwed adresses or there is nothing at that address or you have an instabilty somewhere created by the 4gb patch or hardware limitation(not enough memory in your system or ram failure).

If you re using hight quality mod it can screw up memory managment and even more if you re using a lot of them in one party and if people are using them too, even if you have a 4gb patch (LAA) wich can still create some problem.

Also since that function is updating the state of world i think, it will allways crash at some point since it will always try to access an address often.

You can allways try to freeze game time but still i m not sure it will solve that issue.

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