Vehicle Presentation - Introducing the E-7429!


The Valley is a brand new free DLC coming to PC, PS4 and Xbox One early this year. This first DLC will include brand new content for the game, with three new vehicles and a new map. Similar to Deluge in the base game, you will start outside of a garage, and will need to claim one for yourself.

In the lead-up to the release of The Valley, we have resurrected the Vehicle Presentation to tell you about the new vehicles being added to the game in the free DLC! That means that every Friday, you can expect a blog post describing a vehicle. This will also be a great place to ask questions about the vehicle specifically, how it handles, and the niche it fills.

Vehicle Description

The second 8x8 vehicle to be added to Spintires: MudRunner, the E-7429, is another incredibly powerful vehicle, with some hidden talents.

Game Stats

The E-7429 has a fuel capacity of 800L and features all-wheel drive, as well as a toggleable differential lock. It can take up to 600 units of damage. Immediately unlocked on The Valley, but costing 5 balance points on other maps, once unlocked, the E-7429 is a vehicle that will cut it where most others won't.



The E-7429 is brilliant for crossing difficult terrain and can pull vehicles across powerful currents with no issues. It'll also get difficult loads where you to need get them.


The E-7429 is a definite gas guzzler and isn't the fastest vehicle. What it lacks in speed, though, it makes up for in strength.


The E-7429 is a powerful logging vehicle, and so carries with it important attachments for getting vehicles out of tough spots. It's also the largest vehicle able to pull trailers, making it a very useful utility vehicle.

These are:

  • Fuel Cistern - Carries 14000 Fuel
  • Garage Semi-Trailer - Carries 4 Garage Parts
  • Garage Trailer – Trailer that carries 2 Garage Parts
  • Log Carrier – Carries Medium Logs
  • Medium Log Trailer - Carries Medium Logs
  • Repair Kit - Carries 200 Repair Points
  • Short Log Trailer – Carries Short Logs
  • Spare Wheel – Carries 120 Repair Points
  • Trailer Hitch - Allows trailers to be pulled
  • Utility Trailer – Trailer that carries 600 Fuel, 600 Repair Points

See you next week for the next vehicle presentation!

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Interesting publication, E-7429 excellent)

So I guess the hidden talent is not being able to haul other trucks in a trailer then..?

would the log carrier and med trailer be the same? you have to use them together, so why list it twice? also a truck this big and medium logs is the biggest log load? i get the idea of trying to keep things balanced for the game, but this does not seem right to me.

new vehicle is nice, but seems limited and underwhelming for how much it could possibly do.

Hidden talents are just hidden...
Actually not a second, but 4th, if I am not mistaken.
But hey, its another 8x8!

Wait, wait... Will it be able to transport other vehicles on the trailer?

what hidden talent and this at the end of the day, he will be able to transport other vehicles or not ?? 😐

I'm not sure, but I think it's a crane?

@sodoma You act as if we the community are excited that we are getting another big, slow , useless 8x8. You community moderators and devs are completely delusional if you think you are releasing vehicles or content that people are actually anticipating the release of. Maybe you all should listwn to the community instead of just sticking in a rut and going down the wrong path. We the customers and fans are the ones that give you all the money to make it possible operate and have a team

@Iyagovos we need some improvements in MP like headlight sync,sound sync,smoke sync,driver sync,tire track sync and most important thing is we need atleast 10 players MP lobby......

My dear fella,
First of all: You personally or rest of your "the customers and fans" you are speaking for, gave me no money at all.
Simply because I am customer and fan as well. I've preordered game on my own and paid for it with my own money as an act of faith for future improvement of game. Because I wanted to gave money to somebody, who promissed work on game and improve it.
Therefore, I am (personally) excited for new vehicle based on two things:

  1. I love to drive 8x8 trucks thru difficult terrain, thats why I like this game, this is not Dirt or something. So if you allow me, I will be a bit of excited on my own, when content I like, appear.
  2. I am happy for community, because as you can see around, players, mostly on consoles, actually want another trucks and maps. Yes, three vehicles and one map is no big deal compare to community MOD production for PC, on the other hand, I want Pavel & gang to improve game mechanics, not to maintain workshop content, so this is (by me) reasonable compromise.

Maybe try to find proper topic and come with some new and reasonable idea how game can be imroved.
And words "new and reasonable" are quite important.
American pick-up trucks drifting around with high probability (personal opinion here) will stay just as community MOD content for this game. With no DEV support.

Sorry for my sincerity, but PC gamers complain too much, you have everything to create things in the game, maps and vehicles, etc., and still complain, in consoles players we are happy with only 3 vehicles and 1 map, because we know that will not have mod in the game for consoles.

Многие пользователи консолей, просто не представляют какая каша в Steam Workshop ))). Большинство модов просто не запустятся на консолях, т.к. не хватит ресурсов и мощностей их приставок...

In the attachement section it says garage semi-trailer - 1 garage part.
Maybe it is a typo? and it is 4 parts?! (if the garage trailer only has 2 points)

Also it seems like yet another 8x8 that cannot haul long logs, or am I missing it in the list?.
The 535/537 in the original game were long logs capable, in this Mudrunner, they were stripped of that ability.
This future 8x8 also lacks such a capability although this one should really be able to carry such a load with the gooseneck attachement (with a short log as well), making a full delivery in one go.

Weird as the C256 can carry long logs, but not a mighty 8x8

PS: Sorry for the offtopic next phrase (may be deleted if you so consider, but this aspects needs debated fairly.
The console community wants vehicles and maps because they found themselves (double crossed) as they cannot use any mods.
And without any official new vehicles and maps, their gaming experience was lost.

@fabio-brasil said in Vehicle Presentation - Introducing the E-7429!:

Sorry for my sincerity, but PC gamers complain too much, you have everything to create things in the game, maps and vehicles, etc., and still complain, in consoles players we are happy with only 3 vehicles and 1 map, because we know that will not have mod in the game for consoles.

No. The Consoleplayers can be complaining little (insert favourite swear word here) too. Just look at the "Mods for consoles" threads.


@iyagovos said in Vehicle Presentation - Introducing the E-7429!:

  • Log Carrier – Carries Medium Logs
  • Medium Log Trailer - Carries Medium Logs

This seems to me like it could take 4 logpoints on its back and another 4 onto a trailer, so 8 points combined per ride.

Maybe this is that "secret hidden feature"?

@sodoma while @SloppySlingers comment is rather brash and ignorant, they do have a point. Development of unique vehicles is non-existent, the E-7429 literally brings nothing new to the game and if the devs don't want this game to tank, they need to start providing content followers want.

  1. I enjoy driving 8x8 trucks through difficult terrain too but developing a high powered 4x4 for mudding hardly makes this a casual rally title.

  2. Yes there has to be compromise, the developers need to stop churning out unnecessary vehicles like this and start responding to the wider community. More 4x4's and get a recovery vehicle implemented.

Console users have no mod support on a game that literally thrives off mods.. How long do you think they will wait for some innovative content?

I hate to be pessimistic, but seems like containeronasremitrailer is a garage semi trailer ( 1 garage point, as written in post) in one piece.