Suggestions for COOP.

Currently there are far too many players in most coop games. Given most of my 150+ hours are in coop I can safely say the most fun iv had are in smaller games 3-6 players not the games with 8+ players. Personally Id love to see a coop game mode locked to 2 players.

Its also frustrating if you do have a good round you only get credited with one achievement on the end screen. I would personally like to see as many stats as I can. Shots fires, total hits, one hit kills, headshots, headshot percentage and hit percentage, I would like to be credited also if I complete the whole round with no deaths etc etc. Maybe highlight one and then have several more interesting stats underneath?

FOR CHRIST SAKE REMOVE SMOKE. We all know the AI can see and shoot through the edges of smoke as well as shoot through the more dense parts far sooner than any person can see a target. It isnt fixed, in fact its very much still broken. The reason I would like smoke removed most of all though is because people have no idea how to use it. Too many times iv been sitting in a good position and had some melon pop smoke in front of me on a defence.

Objective markers need to fade when aimed at.

Player names also need to be on the little diamonds so communication should people decide to use the voice chat is easier.

Please also make the helos tougher. At least while playing security, they get swatted out of the sky in seconds and are fairly worthless as far as air support goes.

AI also have a tendency of running while shooting from 100+ meters away and head shotting you, that needs to stop. Its happening far too often and it really shouldnt at all. If I need to stop and aim to hit someone at 100m then they should too.

For general suggestions a security option for a 1.5x optic would be lovely. Seeing as its by far the most flexible of the magnified options. Iv made a few posts since the alpha about how the magnified optics are awful but thats neither hear nor there. For 1.5x options Trijicon make the TA45 which would be a good option.

I think thats most of it.

I clearly disagree to reduce the maximum amount of players in general.
After the 8th November patch there will be a lot of custom servers in short time and many of them will have maximum players reduced.
If you prefer to play in smaller teams feels free to join them and let others play 8 player coop games with friends or even clanmates.

I made my points also here in another older discussion :

And for gods sake, don´t ask the developers to remove smoke.
Even if bots have an advantage in smoke, it´s very immersive and raises the tension.
A Battlefield without smoke and particles in the air is reminding me to older game engines.
We don´t need and don´t want a backstep in gaming atmosphere.
Smoke artillery is part of the core system and therefore has it´s right to be right there.

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Sure with servers, I can see that but I very much doubt there will be the same level of custom servers as multiplayer unless I can specify when joining a game to make a temp lobby with fewer players. Its just too easy to win with more players not to mention less for each individual to do.

As for the smoke, I understand atmosphere but the smoke is broken, you cant deny that. So it should be removed until a time when it is not. Or at least until a time where the AI can no longer see through it.

@plppln I mean, as my signature also says there's gonna be a massive update tomorrow. I'd wait and see what changes because pretty much everything is changing.