Suggestion: new weapon

It would be very nice if they added the pecheneg machine (bullpup version looks best). Maybe have it on both sides too? What do you guys think?

We already have the PKM in the game and the PKP Pecheneg wouldn't be much different...

So much cool tematic weapons can be added, like Galil, TAVOR, HK/M416, F2000, VSS, FAMAS, Steyr AUG, SIG550/551. Tons of them. But I think we should understand that modeling takes time considering the high level of details in this game.

Like to see more submachine guns and PDWs - MP5, UMP-45, P-90, MAC-10, Scorpion, Kriss Vertor еtc...

Combat rifles - Steyr AUG, Galil, HK416

Pistols - Sig 226, CZ-75, HK MK23, Stechkin Automatic Pistol, Automatic Beretta 93R, some Revovers and offcouse DEagle 50AE for Insurgients

Sniper Rifles - AWM, Remington 700

Shotguns - Saiga, SPAS-12, Mossberg 590 and maybe Double Shotgun for insurgients