Knocking Over Tables / Desks

This idea came from a guy called Rambo on Steam, on the newest Steam News post as of this post.

Nice! I'd like them to implement kickable objects like tables and desks so you could kick them into the open and use for cover or partially block a doorway. If it hits an enemy it stuns them. hiding behind a desk and then kick it into them and use the environment as a weapon too.

Entrance and exit bullet impact marks as well on thin materials.

I'd love to see this added. It was actually shown in the first Insurgency Trailer:
Youtube Video

A way to kick without requiring a door would be noice, as well. Maybe just holding your melee button down for half a second or something. I'd love to sneak up on a sniper and then just kick his ass off of a fuckin balcony or something.

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i think that video is from IGN and not NWI

@chraso Yeah, but it's New World's trailer.