Loading G3 without latching charging handle pls!

Locking in the charging handle when loading an empty G3 is not necessary! Put in a new mag and pull&release the handle will do the job just fine and is much faster. Realoading G3 is slow enough. Pls change this.

Yes i absolutely agree to that proposal !

Just because the G3 has a locking position for the charging handle doesn´t mean that you are forced to use it.
It is like @RiffKlaW wrote. New mag in, pull and relase the handle --> ready to fire

Heckler & Koch implemented this locking position for easier weapon cleaning, easier maintenance and safety reasons.
It provides faster loading times when the weapon is stored in a weapon-shelf with the charging handle already locked in that position providing maximum safety :
When the charging handle is locked in back position you cannot fire any round from the already inserted full magazine, unless you hit the locked handle downwards :
Then the charging handle snaps forward automatically ( forced by spring mechanism ) and loads the first cartridge from the magazine into the chamber and voila ---> ready to fire

All MP 5 variants have those locking position too and most of the people think they always have to use the locking of the charging handle when they want to reload that weapon.
They are wrong !

For those of you who still don´t believe my words, here is the proof video ( Minute 0:34 ) :
Youtube Video

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@riffklaw I'm pretty sure the only reason the G3A3 reload is so slow is to balance out how ludicrously effective the gun is. I'd still like to see a bit of a reload speed increase, though, at least with the speed reload.

The PKM needs a fuckin reload speed buff bad, though.

EDIT: There is a massive patch dropping in two days so tbh we should all just wait for that anyway.

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Cannot speak for the G3 but it's mechanically a scaled-up MP5.

You can put a loaded mag into an MP5 without retracting and locking the bolt, but to do so you have to fight the spring tension of the magazine and shove the bullets downward to make room for the bolt.

Therefore, it takes some substantial force to jam the magazine in. As such, soldiers are trained to lock the bolt back on reloads to avoid the extremely real possibility of the magazine not catching, falling to the floor.

I'd assume this situation is also present on the G3.

Wouldn't say the G3 is ludicrously effective, more that the other guns are chambered in 6mm BBs.

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@whitby has this totally right. The issue is not as simple as it appears on the face of it.

The latching charging handle doesn't exist only for safety, H&K fully intended for it to be used in a normal reload. With the bolt in battery the magazine spring must be compressed to fully insert and latch it into the magwell. With a full magazine, the spring does't have a lot further to travel. On the MP5 inserting a fully loaded mag into a closed bolt is extremely difficult to the point of not being practical. Some people will short-load MP5 mags to 29 or 28 rounds to make this easier. The problem is less pronounced on the G3, I'm not sure if it's because of the shorter mag spring, fewer rounds, or there's just more room in a fully loaded G3 mag, but it is possible to insert the mag on a closed bolt with much less of a struggle. It's still more difficult than inserting with the bolt latched open though, so I wouldn't say that there is necessarily a better way to reload the rifle. Both can be right, and which one is faster will largely come down to the person doing the reload. The folding lever on the G3 also makes it feel really weird to do a strait cock without latching it, totally a silly personal thing, but I just don't like doing it.

Pretty much every gun has this problem to some extent or another, as the job of the magazine is to push bullets up into the path of the bolt, but some handle it better than others. AR-15 rifles with the standard mags can be quite difficult to seat on a closed bolt, hence the ubiquitous slap on the bottom of the mag after inserting it. Some people made this easier by loading mags to 28, and the MagPull P-Mags are a little longer to help reduce the issue.

Since this topic is being discussed, I do think the G3 should reload faster if not equipped with a foregrip. If your hand is where HK intended you can quickly lock the bolt open with your thumb as your left hand travels toward your pouches for a magazine. I doubt NWI would see this as worthwhile, but they have gone to extreme lengths with weapon details already...

@whitby Can you? The G3s I've fired have all required a fair bit of force to unlock the bolt, more than I think I'd be comfortable pulling with the back of my thumb.


We always locked it when I was in the armed forces. I assume it's a matter of training and what you are used to and what not.