Some suggestions after 100 hours of playing

Those in my opinion will make the game little bit better 🙂

  1. Weather and time of day: will be nice to see few sets of weather, time of day, fog, dust etc for each map.

  2. COOP improvement: for now coop is very repetitive, because of the same bot spawns and same houses with checkpoints. Each map is pretty big village with lots of open houses/points of interest, many of them can be used as checkpoints. Random checkpoints, or at least few variations of checkpoint sets (similar to squad game) will increase replay ability. Also, randomizing bot spawns will keep the high tension.

  3. The character holds vertical grips in wrong way - thumb should hold the handguard. Holding the grip with thumb is unprofessional, and damages accuracy.

  4. Different car for security side - even if it's not hmmwv or other patented vehicle, just car that looks different than the insurgents' one

@theunarmed I know the first one was talked about on-stream. Alex just said it would be an interesting feature to see.

Checkpoint definitely needs a bit more randomization/bot strategy but I'm gonna wait three days for the big SS update on Thursday to see if that changed at all (which it definitely has; I know bots are gonna lob grenades through windows next patch).

The fighters in this fictional conflict really aren't pros; at least, a lot of them aren't. Most are pretty unprofessional, to begin with.

Security cars are white and Insurgent cars are black. Not much of a distinction, but there's always room for improvement on that down the line.