i have a concern

So yeah after watching your livestream of the content available to us in the 8th of november one thing honestly jumped out to me because i wasn't expecting it at all:
so the new Alpha AK, like it or hate it, it re-uses sounds from the AK-74.
see i wouldn't mind this if it was another game that i don't care about
but seeing this (sorry for the expression) lazy work from the Sandstorm devs made me really sad because i was hoping you would make new sounds for it. and it got me worried for future content updates, are all weapons added going to re-use existing sounds?
i hope not. and i also hope that what i saw in the livestream was just a WIP and you guys will add new sounds for it before the update rolls out.
honestly you guys are doing a great job with the game please consider this change.

It's an AK pattern rifle firing the 5.45x39mm cartridge, what do you expect it to sound like?

I was talking about foley sounds, you know Bolt sounds and Magins and Magouts.

Even more similar. Depending on what exactly they mean by "Alpha AK" the magazine, lower receiver, and bolt carrier group would be literally identical to the AK-74.