Customizing vehicles

Would be great if the main garage would be able to customize vehicles as you like before taking off or during the mission color, tires, the size tires, hight of so vehicles to have some customization I know it has a little already on some and I love the new trucks the f-150, the K-5 Blazer, the Hummer H1 it’s amazing but if it could be possible to change a little bit would be great to I like just rideing around on maps and seeing how for I can get these truck stuck hope y’all get to read this make it come true I sure a lot of fans would like that .

I agree this would be a great addition to the game for everyone but especially great for the console players who do not have access to the mods like the pc players do.

Does Focus actually see and read what we post

@eddy17 Yes, we see everything you say. Responding to every single post sometimes isn't very easy, and so we don't always do so.

Vehicle customisation is unlikely to come to MudRunner.

is not that crazy of an idea, i mean you could have a mod thats just the frame and interior like the K10 I did for Smar that has a 68,70 and 72 body options, just take it a bit further with making part by part, lets say hood,fenders,box,fenderflares and so on, offcourse that will take allot of time to madel and get in game and youll end up using the parts that you like the most again everytime you play wih it

Well I was wondering all that cause I’m I play on Xbox one not PC I don’t care for all that my self with the mod and hacks that they can do. It more of have fun with the game like say you want your Russian trucks to have America tire flat tires and you want America trucks to have the aggressive tire they have. And you can just pull up to the garage and change them out like you do to the equipment you want like it’ll tell you want it can do for your truck. More grip for the road are more grip for mud maybe a little lift for the small trucks like the F-150 to give it a little mud clearance.

Maybe some time later on y’all can make like a off-road addition that’s just with small trucks and Jeeps that go through mud competition, rescue missions, free roam just like mudrunner that’s burn gas and all but more features to the vehicles and what the can do and keep the winches me and my cousin been talk about a game for years that would use winches and what y’all mad mudrunners do it’s an amazing game the mud, the atmosphere the graphics amazing well done got to say best every played that came close to the real thing

Once up in a time there was a game called "Spintires". In this game the player was able to change the tires of the truck so you could have had set up your vehicle for different tasks an routes.... sadly this feature was removed.

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But I bet it was on PC though huh

Well the original game was only available for pc. But this feature was not a mod. It was made by pavel. An it was a nice feature.

These where the developers of the game Oovee® Game Studios Pavel Zagrebelnyj that created that game and I just looked it up they did amazing on they the trucks but they could have did better i would rather like to drive on mudrunns games but not there’s focus got the better game engine for it. if focus can take what they did and and go the next step with a new game like that I pay what ever but what I said in the other paragraphs it would be amazing for the Xbox one and ps4

I know with saber Interactive they can do a lot more for us on Xbox or ps4 and give us what they have on PC hope at some point they recreate it but better for us with real mud trucks please. Hopefully 😢

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@dondumpster said in Customizing vehicles:

Once up in a time there was a game called "Spintires". In this game the player was able to change the tires of the truck so you could have had set up your vehicle for different tasks an routes.... sadly this feature was removed.

i mean whats the point here? u can have mud tires and drive in mud and on road and then u can have road tires and only drive on road? i dont see need of that... like why would u want to use road tires ever.. EVER.. WHY?

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Well then you really don’t know what how to have fun or how to just play the game because some people want to have more than just all I got I have my tires on one truck or this truck only got this tire so that way you can customize other trucks and have different things for other trucks there’s a point not just what if we made his game again but no there’s a point in having the game remade with focus and saber they can redo it better than what the other people didAnd so what if they already made a game that was what upon a time they can make a game that was not was a pawn a time for the Xbox one and PS4 for consuls that’s much better than a PC and has everything that you don’t have to do mods and cheat and shit like that so get over it

@eddy17 there already are trucks that can handle certain things in certain situations. u dont need to equip E class with road tires and drive around with fuel addon. its just stupid, that's why they implemented trucks like C-65115, C-256 and C-4320 so u can use these for jobs that don't necessary ask for strongest trucks, like refueling and repairing, even carrying 3 point loads. honestly, can u give me 1 reason on why changing tires aren't waste of time??

but they really need to expand game with real features that are needed. so game can properly function and have some longevity. for example: mods/maps on consoles, map editor for console players so they can make maps too (like far cry 5 map editor), bigger maps, more challenges, tracked trucks, different country themed DLCs, properly synced MP, more ppl in MP than 4 and bunch of shit that is actually necessary not changing tires lol

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Well I hope they do take my opinion in to factor into a new game or an add to the just to piss you off because it’s More than just a whole one point here for logging there and you know having all this equipment is put their well you know it’s more of having adventure and having more fun with the game of a customization on your vehicles what you just don’t see ok You see more of what’s the point in having customization more than some people want it you’re one of the people that does not want it if you don’t Want it that’s fine then let them make a new game that has all the features has the same off-road in mud graphics in ability let them do it what what does your say so just an opinion like mine so lol

And is more fun now since they add The Ford F1 50 and Hummer H one and the Chevy blazer K5 I like To go joy ride and just you know trying to get my vehicle stuck burning Gas you know just having fun is what it’s about and doing missions With the proper truck yeah that’s fine I agree that Some trucks yeah they are important to have in the mission but when you’re not doing the missions and you just want to have fun and go out in free roam like I said in the beginning burn gas get stuck it’s fun but I guess you know what people think and you’re not one of the people that thinks like I do about having fun is part of it

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@eddy17 again 0 reasoning and completely battered ur sentence, hardly understood what u said but okay. whatever.. if u want then ok, im just saying its useless and i said why thats the case, i rather have them working on actual shit thats necessary for game than that