Mosin–Nagant infinite reload bug

I didn't find this bug reported in the known issues list or on a quick search, so I'm reporting it here.

Short Description

Attempting to reload a Mosin–Nagant dropped by an enemy causes the reload animation to loop infinitely and no ammo is reloaded.

Additional Details

The reload animation can play more than the maximum number of bullets the mosin can hold.
Breaking the reload animation (like switching to another weapon and back) will show that no actual ammunition was reloaded, the ammo count is the same before and after the reload action.
The gun still shoots and deals damage, and shooting it will expend the ammo.
This happened for sure when playing Security as a Rifleman class, but I think it happened once to me when I was playing Insurgents.
This has occurred more than once, in fact I'm pretty sure it happened every time I've picked up a mosin from the floor. I remember in one game I've tried to pick up two different mosins from the floor, and both had this bug.
I have not tested what happens if the player already spawned with a Mosin-Nagant, only that it happens for sure for mosins that were dropped by enemies.
I've only seen this happen on Co-op mode, I have not tested if it also happens in PvP or in local play.

To reproduce the bug:
  1. Initiate a Co-op game playing the Security faction;
  2. Pick any class and weapon except for a Mosin-Nagant;
  3. When coming across a dead enemy with a mosin pick it up;
  4. Obtain more ammunition at the supply crate;
  5. Reload the weapon.

This issue is still present in the 2018-11-14 hotfix.