American Wilds driver as default driver
This post is deleted!

I dont know man, ive been wonderin too

check the code for the american truck trucks and see if there is anything in there

Copy the US driver model from mesh cache, rename it with the Ruski model's name, then replace it in the mesh cache is what I've done 👍🏿

@malcolm_tucker Yup thanks just figured this out.

I was wondering, is the American driver the standard driver on mods since the update? Because I can't even change my mods right now because they are on my old laptop, but my mods show up with the american driver all the time. (Not that this is a problem, just wondering and being annoyed by the new seatbelt which is out of the cab all the time xd)

@wrangmog No if you are on an AW map then it is the AW driver mod or stock vehicle. I changed mine to be the AW driver all the time no matter what.