Crash on game load

Ive been screwing with this game for a solid two days over this issue, when i launch the game i get the typical "Focus" loading intro and all that but then it crashes to the desk top my first thought was maybe i have a mod the game does not like so i removed all mods install through the work shop and in the game files(media folder) and still crashes in the same way, after this did not fix my issues i used steams "Verify integrity of game files" which it didn't find anything finally i manually deleted every trace of the game from my computer and reinstalled and still crashes on the loading screen video. i have no clue what to do here is the crash dump maybe someone can figure it out i have no clue what to make of it, thanks. --->

Hey there,

Is this base MudRunner or with any DLC installed?

Ive tried with every combination of DLC all of them just one of them at a time etc and still the issues continues with DLC, no DLC, with Mods, No mods still crashes.

@rock3t Have you installed "mudrunner mod" or a custom dll injector?
An other thing if you disable fullscreen optimization for the whole application who want to run on your pc you can run into some similar issue in windows 10.

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