Weapon Request: FAMAS G2

FAMAS G2. Please. Pretty please, with a cherry on top? 😛😊 Maybe for the Advisor or Rifleman class? Damnit I love that gun.

A properly done FAMAS would be super cool. I love a good burst weapon.

@lordsiggi The burst would have to fire incredibly fast (at least 900 RPM) to make it a worthwhile pick over semi-auto. For example, putting the M16 on burst mode in either game is just removing versatility from your weapon and wasting ammo

I hear ya. I normally use the m16 with a burst though. 2x holo, foregrip, and comp. If i'm long range and can hit the head, i put the head dead center, wasting the last 2 shots, but getting the kill. If it's mid to close, and i want the 2 follow up shots to hit the target (which it requires with that gun if not shooting the head), i put target at the top of the holo's ring. I find burst to be incredibly effective. I never run out of ammo, and only take a light carrier. I really like it. I'm consistently around 45/2 with it. Wouldnt say it's a waste.

I'd also love to see a FAMAS, we need another bullpup in the game other than the garbage SA80.