Heres a test of adding 4x 512x512 references (mini maps) onto a 1024x1024 base map. (Ive deliberately left the edges of the references obvious)


READY TO PLAY BASE MAP using the 4 references - 1 in each corner of the 1024 map.
Link to the STG and DDS file. (Playable just for testing)

4x REFERENCES (prebuilds to download and add to other maps)

1x BASE MAP (prebuild example of the 4x references added)

The base map has a heightmap / 1x distribution of trees / tint map / trucks / locators.
The 4 reference maps all have their own heightmap / distributions / roads / tint map.


  • When adding the references to the base map always change the flatten setting to FALSE!
  • The EDGES of the references heightmaps must be flat! As in... the elevation on the edges of the reference maps can not be changed from default map height. Otherwise edges will not blend smoothly on the base map.
  • Water will likely not work properly if added to the reference maps (if the base map has a to just add rivers easily to the base map)
  • Water ideally should only be added to the base map (for predictable results).
  • I have not had any problems with distributions as mentioned in another thread...however i havent really tried to find any problems. Looked all ok to me.
  • The reference map's heightmaps blend with the base maps's heightmap. (awesome for quickly adding subtle textures to a heightmap that is too smooth/boring)
  • All my reference maps are placed in the mod folder with the other custom levels. So far has worked. They dont need to be in the folder where the default references are.
    ...\Mudrunner Editor\Media_mods\ref_leef_512a\prebuild\ref_leef_512a..."
  • I have not used any custom objects or trucks as these can be added by the map maker making the base map. (for maximum compatibility)

This is a test - not in anyway a complete map. Purely to see if references can work for others on collaboration maps. Use at your own risk. 🙂
I would be interested to see if anyone can add the references above to a map they've made or even recreate a similar map above (the folder structure might be messed up)

I have a created a google drive specially for this test. If anyone has a 512x512 reference that they would like to upload to the drive to further test. let me know - i will PM logon access.