Xbox One Manual mode with clutch, now low range.

I've been playing Mudrunner with the Thrustmaster TMX gaming wheel with clutch and Shifter. I noticed there is no low range input for controls. When using the D-538 it has no power at all for going up steep hills. Wheels are not spinning in the mud, there just isn't any power. But when I go to the options and take the clutch input off and back to Auto I can just cruise right on up in low. Is there an issue with no low range in manual mode?

This may not help but I can only say no such issue exists in the PC version. Keep in mind the stock settings for the D-538 are quite underpowered, but that's unrelated (or should be) to whether you use the manual transmission or not.

Finnaly someone that sees how bad manual with clutch is!

I have the exact same problems I just run auto because if it

@jayson said in Xbox One Manual mode with clutch, now low range.:

I have the exact same problems I just run auto because if it

OK, your choice, but makes no sense to me. The auto is horrible in this game. It always downshifts to first every time it downshifts, even from 6th, and it kills all your momentum. The manual mode, while not perfect, is pretty enjoyable as far as I'm concerned.

Edit: Could it be that you're also on Xbox? I wonder if the manual behaves differently than in the PC version.

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Trust me on Xbox the manual is so bad and the truck has less power they need better tranny's so I have to use auto. It's decent if u feather through mud

People just assume that u are on PC it must be different on console

That would explain our prior misunderstanding (in another thread). Sounds like a bug on Xbox. If I were you I'd post it in the bug forum.