Fatal Xbox One Nucleus Bug

Immediately after reaching the nucleus I overloaded the nearby circuit and headed down the ramp it opened. My console froze for a second and then shut down. Since this happened I can’t even load my save. My console shuts down while I’m in black screen after attempting to load my save file. Tried on multiple devices with the same end result.

Hi there, you've tried on multiple devices? Do you mean multiple Xbox Ones? If so, are you able to start a new game at all?

Yes multiple Xbox ones and yes I can start a new save. It seems like my play through saved at the exact moment it encountered a bug.

Thanks for the response, I've passed that on to the dev team.

@iyagovos is there a thread I should follow to be notified of patch availability? I don’t think I’ll be trying to play until a potential fix is available.

@karlmanjaro We'll update on the main Surge page here, and also on @TheSurgeGame on Twitter