This is just something i've compiled while playing and i'd really like for other people to add onto the list with things they'd like to see added/changed.

  1. Shooting center mass at enemy ai running not even 25 meters away and bullets completely miss if they are perpendicular from you with less than 80ms ping.

  2. Enemy ai instantly snapping to you from insane angles and one tapping you with heavy armour.

  3. Enemy ai one tapping you through thick walls.

  4. Artillery/Rocket barrage clipping through walls and ceilings in buildings with multiple floors and being the only person to die even while a few other teammates are in spitting distance.

  5. Cache explosion clipping through walls and killing you as you're on the other side.

  6. Enemy ai teleporting and/or rubber banding short distances.

  7. Weapon lowering when you're a short distance away from an obstacle.

  8. Vault triggering for objects you can jump on top of and it launching you forward, sometimes to your death or beyond cover.

  9. Technical windshield glass being bullet proof and/or extremely bullet resistant, shooting the occupants feels like a waste of ammo.

  10. Technical being extremely resistant to m67/f1/an m14 that explodes/ignites under the engine bay and fuel tank, sometimes requiring two HE nades or a long burn time with the an m14.

  11. Teammates teamkilling and not being punished, three times before kick is too many - they should be punished with removal of xp/rank and/or being kicked and banned from playing for 30 minutes on every server/game type except solo/local.

  12. Speed reload being extremely slow with certain weapons like the G3A3.

  13. Makarov deals too little damage and it has too much recoil/muzzle climb, it needs more damage or less recoil/muzzle climb.

  14. Glock 17 (M005) has a really low rate of fire when trying to rapid fire it.

  15. Enemy ai have x-ray vision and will spray at you through vegetation and behind the crest of a hill and as they walk around a corner.

  16. Enemy ai behind cover only showing a few pixels of the top of their head shooting at you which makes shooting them back next to impossible, if we have to have our heads and guns visible then so should they.

  17. Enemy ai being in certain spawn zones, either move the spawns somewhere safe and out of the open or make ai "flee" when retreating to defend/attack the next objective so if they enter the spawn the just spawned in players are able to complete the "readying up" animation and kill them to put an end to ai spawn camping.

  18. At certain times you can hear a grenade land near you and there will be no visible enemy ai, it feels like a live grenade has come straight out of the immaterium and spawned right next to you.

  19. Weapon costs being terribly unbalanced, why get a L85 or M4A1 when a G3A3/SKS/AKM can be customised fully without having to sacrifice armour or ammo capacity.

  20. Recoil/muzzle climb with certain weapons while using ironsights makes reacquiring a target more of an annoyance than a fun mechanic to play with, e.g the Aks74u even with a foregrip and compensator, i'm comparing the aks74u in sandstorm to the aks74u in insurgency modern combat; the latter is much more fun to use over the former.

  21. A10 strafe run support should be alignable by the commander so the commander and observer don't have to get into the "perfect" spot for the cannon strafe to be effective, a first click confirms the center spot of the strafe, and a line should show allowing the commander to rotate the attack angle of the strafe.

  22. No flashlight.

  23. No special ammunition types i.e incendiary, explosive, armour piercing, hollow points, full metal jacket.

  24. Lack of shotguns that can cycle rounds quickly, existing shotguns are too slow.

  25. Lack of sub machine guns, no mp5.

  26. Lack of dual purpose optics, e.g 6-12x powered telescopic "sniper" scope with a mini rds on top. e.g no holographic sights/rds on the main top rail with backup ironsights on a 45 degree off-set clockwise rail.

  27. Allow us to set the voices we hear for the different teams and sexes, currently you have insurgents who sounds like insurgents, and you have security operatives who sound like us marines and insurgents, and the female security operative sounds like a insurgent, I'd like my security forces to sound like marines and the insurgents to sound like insurgents because it can get really confusing and in some situations it can lead to accidental teamkills during stressful pressured objective defenses.

  28. Cosmetic items costing too much, 1200 - 2100+ is too expensive for a single item.

  29. Lack of bolt action firearms.

  30. No anti material sniper rifle capable of penetrating the technical turret.

  31. Lack of a .40/.44/.50 AE pistol (S&W Magnum/Desert eagle) and lack of a burst or full auto pistol (M93R/Glock 18c/Cz75/TEC-9.)

  32. Lack of bipods being available for all classes.

  33. Foregrip bipod doesn't stabilise your aim when deployed.

  34. We can't bind vault to a seperate key, I want to jump on tables, not vault ontop of them and over the wall 3ft infront, to my death.

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