Some possible (probably not good) ideas on future additions for FIRE SUPPORT

Now, I had some ideas in my head for some new possible FIRE SUPPORT options that would pertain to both sides and both would be unique, and I've thought up of ways to somewhat make them interesting.

EMP Payload
(2 uses)

  • This will essentially call for an aircraft, specifically some type of bomber, to fly over and drop a payload that
    explodes in midair right on top of the target location. It will fly in closer towards the battlefield.
    The bomber will fly in shortly after the confirmation of Station. (Possibly 10-15 seconds.) It will drop the payload about 5-8 seconds after its arrival, so giving enemies an idea of the EMP should be as minimal as possible.

  • Essentially, this special payload is not lethal. The effects of its detonation will disrupt all electronics around a considerably-large radius. (Think how much area a rocket barrage covers; that's its explosion radius.)

  • Affected items will include:
    * Any sight that uses electronics. (Holo, Red Dot, Kobra, OKP-7, PKAS, etc.(Including Laser Sights))
    * All carried radios. This would include all the radios carried by all soldiers as well as Observer radios used to
    communicate with Outpost in order to call in their own fire support.
    * All drones, which include the Explosive/IED Drone and the Bomber Drones, will disable upon being affected,
    rendering them useless.

  • Of course, depending on how close players are to the blast radius, it will disable their personal electronics for a
    certain amount of time. If they are at about the edge of the blast, the disabling will take about 5 seconds. Within middle radius range, it will be 8 seconds. At the epicenter of the detonation, anybody affected will be disabled for 12 seconds.

  • The bomber can be downed with a single well-placed rocket or sustained DShK fire. When it crashes and explodes, the EMP payload will go off, and if the bomber is anticipated and shot down early, the whole fire support can backfire on the Security side.

  • EXTRA DISCLAIMER: The EMP disruption will affect teammates as well, so plan effectively and discreetly before dropping an EMP payload onto the target location.

Disruptor "Drone"
(1 use)

  • My idea is for this to be either a smaller chopper that makes less noise, OR a drone that follows enemies and makes noise, almost exactly like the Explosive/IED Drone. Same effect as the EMP Payload, just with a smaller radius.

  • If it continues with the helicopter idea, it will essentially point its disruption towards where it detects enemies, and will use some sort of laser to reveal their location if they are spotted. Just like the other two helicopter-based fire supports, it can also be taken down with a rocket or bullets, and has significantly less health than either of the two.

  • If the drone idea overrules, it will not only follow enemies for detection, it will also send an electronic message to the entire Security team and reveal its position when it detects an enemy. It will enter through windows, just like the
    Explosive/IED Drone would post-Precinct-update. It will essentially act the same. (The feature of confirming a detected enemy should also be a feature for the Explosive/IED Drone, but it should not reveal its position for balancing
    purposes. Instead, it would be present to alert the team that the drone is taking action.)

Duster Run
(2 uses)

  • For once, an Insurgent fire support on a vehicle, let alone air-based. The vehicle is essentially the usage of a crop duster, a much smaller, and slower, flying vehicle comparative to the Strafe Run's Warlock. The crop duster also flies a lot slower, in more easy view. It will arrive within 5-8 seconds of being called.

  • This fire support option has two phases: Gunning and Smoking
    * Think of this as similar to the Gun Run from Day of Infamy. The Gunning phase is the plane flying perpendicular to the direction of the location the Commander called it in, and begins to fire its rear-mounted DShK, the same weapon used on the back end of a technical. (The MG truck) If he
    detects enemies, the duster gunner will automatically target them, and they will kill the target in a certain time
    depending on how fast they move or what direction they move. (If they move towards the crop duster's gunning
    location, they will be killed a lot faster. Alternatively, they can run in the same direction as the plane to have a higher chance of survival.) THE DUSTER GUNNER WILL NOT TARGET TEAMMATES.
    * After 8 seconds when the Gunning phase is finished, the Smoking phase initiates. The Smoking phase is the plane going back in the complete reverse direction, and it drops impact smoke payloads within the straight line that it flies.

  • Because it moves slower, and is much closer to the battlefield, it is more vulnerable to attacks from infantry. A hit from a rocket or 2 grenades from a grenade launcher will down it. Sustained fire from any weapon that has a powerful-enough cartridge will also destroy the plane. (The DShK will melt the crop duster.) If the duster pilot manages to get shot to kill, the plane will crash and explode on contact. If the duster gunner is killed, the Gunning phase is automatically skipped and the plane will fly away, and will strafe again to accomplish the Smoking phase, but at a much delayed time. (10 seconds.)

Vehicle Call-In
(2 uses)

  • If the Commander uses this fire support, the next wave that is used up will spawn in a technical and an armored transporter.

  • The transporter does not have any weapons, nor can enemies use weapons inside of it. However, it can withstand up to 2 rockets or 2 land mines worth of damage, meaning it will take about 5 grenades. It is flame-retardant, and more resistant to bullets, meaning it is completely impervious to molotovs and incendiary grenades and will block any bullet except for DShK rounds. (Which are .50 BMG, by the way.)

  • The transporter can carry up to 8 players.

    • Added side note: Devs, please give the Security side their own technical, like a Jeep with a mounted minigun. The minigun would be less effective at killing, as it would use 5.56x45mmR like the M249. (Like a weaker version of the support chopper minigun.) But this technical would be bulletproof to all rounds except for DShK, and is vulnerable to explosive damage as does the regular technical. (They should also have their own armored transporter.)
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Eh, EMP is SciFi. It's really hard to build an EMP weapon with any amount of power, and even then it's ability to destroy things is directly proportional to the length of shielded wire in that thing. With a nuclear blast radios could be a concern, weapon sights? Not a chance.

No EMP, I can appreciate that you put time and effort into thinking about it but this isnt MW3, and the only optics which wouldn't be affected are those using tritium or fiber to illuminate the reticle like the ACOG (m150).
Since most guns don't even have ironsights visible when using optics you have nothing for co-witnessing so the only guns not seriously affected by a EMP while using the optics which can be disrupted by said EMP would be the m4a1/m16a2/m16a4 and maybe a few others that I can't think off the top of my head as you'll still have the ironsight front post to use.

Also you need to actually think about who is fighting who, the terrorists are clearly as well geared as ISIS since they have technicals with armour plated turrets instead of crudely mounted DShKm's and they have drones, the security forces are the afghan military/kurdish forces, they aren't the US military fighting the Russians or vise versa, ISIS gained a lot of their tech like the humvees and browning m2s and a lot of plate carriers and such from bases the afghans abandoned without caring to sabotage.

Again another emp idea but not as powerful, see above as to why it's a bad idea.

Insurgents don't have access to air fields because they are military controlled in those war torn regions because of the insurgent threat, and insurgents already have smoke artillery, all this would do is make people demand something like a mobile AA platform like a IGLA or STINGER to take down the vehicle on approach.

Vehicle call-in sounds like it was stolen straight from the Battlefield series and i think it's a bad idea as squads pinned down will now be able to get into a armoured vehicle or a fighting vehicle and make their way out with no effort required, this isn't an arcade shooter like battlefield/cod nor is it a milsim like ArmA, it's 40% arcade/60% serious (or something like that) and for a vehicle to spawn out of thin air on demand like that would only annoy people imo.

Many people are against the technical as it is because the gun is pretty much one hit kill and you can fire it for long periods of time taking a second to stop it from overheating and you have next to zero downtime, just rotate the turret and no one can touch you unless they have explosives, adding a vehicle with a minigun would just add to the frustation because the firerate on a minigun is insane and you want it to be completely bullet proof.

Like i said, i can appreciate the time it took you to think about it but you didn't think hard enough because the ideas are unbalanced like hell and I strongly believe they would not only iritate and annoy people but would cause people to leave bad reviews, boycott the game, or abandon it all together especially because there is only one class who can deal with a armour plated fast moving tank with a minigun.

We aren't getting tanks or ifvs or apcs, insurgency is a infantry combat game, please remember that.


I mean, I did sort of say that these are ideas, and probably not very good ones. I was just hoping for something that could diversify the game a little, and I was wondering if EMP ability would be an idea.

@depleted said in Some possible (probably not good) ideas on future additions for FIRE SUPPORT:

the only optics which wouldn't be affected are those using tritium or fiber to illuminate the reticle like the ACOG

An EMP in any realistic strength will not have any effect on an electronic weapon sight. The wires are too small and too short to accumulate any significant voltage. The most vulnerable gear to EMP are things attached to really long wires, like equipment attached to overhead power lines, or equipment with amplified antennas like radios and possibly cell phones. Most electronics and modern cars would be fine.