sand box map...

what exactly is a 'sandbox map'?? I thought it is a map where the rules don't apply. like, the objectives are not used, the ability to have all the 'extras' turned on, unlimited lives/damage points, and so on.. I have a feeling that it's not like that.. Any clarification on how that term applies to Muddrunner is greatly appreciated.. _RUFUS

I think in this game it just means it's open-world. You're not forced to stay on roads and can complete the mission in pretty much any way you want. Good enough for me.

"Sandbox" refers to a world where you're free to interact with the game world on your own terms, and not obligated to take on any of the objectives. The world has it's own set of physics and other rules which still apply, but you can experiment and play within those parameters to your heart's content.

For example, you can spend hours experimenting with combinations of vehicles and trailers. I've seen videos where people load the car onto a small truck, then put the small truck onto a larger truck, and so on... just to see how many vehicles they can stack and daisy-chain together, all just for the fun of it. You'll never run out of time, the game will never force you to go deliver logs.

Hope that makes sense. Cheats or extras is a separate concept that, to my knowledge, don't exist in this game.

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For me its just an ability to set my own rules of gameplay, in which loading mills with 8 points is an only 15% of total map playthrough.